Multiple ISDN30, PBX, Voice Trunk Service Delivery

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The Emux provides a simple effective solution for the delivery of multiple ISDN30, PBX, Voice Trunk services over a fibre infrastructure.

Emux frontEmux rear

Emux Solution for ISDN30, PBX, Voice Trunk and Data Service Delivery

Emux: offers 4,8 or 16-port E1 Multiplexing over Fibre

Emux offers 4,8 or 16-port E1 multiplexing over fibre

  • DPNSS, Primary Rate ISDN-30 DASS and ISDN30e QSIG PBX trunk protocols supported
  • Cost effective 4, 8 or 16-port units available
  • Resilient fibre uplink using SFPs
  • Unchannelised and Fractional E1 router data also supported
  • External alarm relay port
  • Local management port for configuration and diagnostics
  • Remote configuration and testing of units across the network
  • Comprehensive performance monitoring of both device and line
  • Built to European standards
  • Remote management using SNMP and Telnet
  • Optional -48 volt DC supply

Emux delivering multiple E1 circuits over fibre

Emux transporting multiple ISDN30, PBX/Voice Trunks over fibre

This application shows an Emux transporting up to 16 E1 circuits across a redundant fibre link, although this application will also work perfectly well with a single fibre. The Emux provides transparent E1 extension and so all E1 voice and data protocols can be supported including PRI ISDN-30, QSIQ, DPNSS, DASS, IP, etc. Product variants with 4, 8 or 16 E1 ports are available. The resilient fibre port has dual SFP connectors and so different SFPs can be used to support a variety of fibre types and distances.

Emux extending multiple voice and data circuits over fibre

Emux: extending multiple voice & data services over fibre

This application shows Emux units being used to extend voice and data WAN services from a campus communications centre (the primary site) to multiple outlying remote sites. As communications infrastructures are merged together to make efficiency savings it is becoming increasingly important to extend these services across the campuses. This network topology is particularly well suited to hospitals, universities and other large campuses, although it can also be used across Metro area networks where suitable fibre resources are available.

The Emux provides a simple effective solution for multiple ISDN-30 PRI from a PBX or similar devices to be extended over a fibre infrastructure. Being totally transparent to both payload and protocol the Emux will support ISDN-30 PRI from a PBX, Voice Trunk, unframed or framed G.704 router data, or similar E1 equipment.

It offers conversion between multiple ports (4, 8 or 16 port variants available) and resilient 1+1 SFP fibre interface with automatic switch over when a fibre fault occurs. The SFP fibre modules enable many types of fibre interfaces to be supported including multimode, singlemode, CWDM and DWDM.

The Emux offers comprehensive configuration and diagnostics along with a dedicated management channel allowing pairs of Emux’s to communicate with each other, allowing configuration and status checking of the remote unit. Remote management can be performed via either SNMP, Telnet or a Web interface.

The Emux has several LEDs for displaying current status.

Whilst the Emux product range uses industry standard user exchangeable SFPs, it is recommended that these are purchased from Metrodata to guarantee their specification and compatibility with each other.

Fibre Interface
Port Resilient SFP fibre port
Interface Dependant on SFPs fitted
Multimode SFP 2km 1300nm Fibre optic loss budget 8.5dB
Singlemode SFP 10km 1300nm Fibre optic loss budget 13dB
Singlemode SFP 40km 1300nm Fibre optic loss budget 20dB
Singlemode SFP 80km 1550nm Fibre optic loss budget 29dB

E1 Interface
Number of Ports 4, 8 or 16
Port G.703 120 ohm balanced
Interface RJ45 (120 ohm)
Framing Unframed
Bit Rate 34.368Mbps +/- 20ppm
Barrier Fully compliant as per EN41003
Cable Lengths BNC: RG59 = 150m, UR202 = 180m

Configuration & Management
Type Menu Driven
Access System console, Telnet, SNMP
Interface V.24, Ethernet 10 BaseT via RJ45
Security Access by 2-level password
System Non volatile configuration
Clock Modes Internal, Loop

Status LEDs & Diagnostic Functions
Loop backs Local loop, Remote loop
2^15-1 PRBS
Statistics Per G.821, 15 min, 24 hour totals
Line Major Alarm LED LOS, LOF, SQ (Uplink port)
Line Minor Alarm LED AIS, RAI (Uplink port)
E1 LED E1 Fault
Test LED Test in progress LED, test configured via diagnostics menu

Power Supply
AC Mains 100 - 250VAC, 50 - 400Hz, 50mA IEC Connector
-48VDC -36 to -72VDC, 200 - 100mA, Buccaneer connector

Type 1U 19 inch Rack mount
Dimensions 435 x 213 x 43 mm (W x D x H)

Temp 0 - 50 deg C
Humidity 95% RH, non-condensing
Pressure 86 - 106 KPA

Compliance & Approvals
Performance G.703, G.823, CTR12
Safety EN41003, EN60950
EMC EN55022, EN50082
Statistics G.821, AT&T54016: 15 min, 24 hour totals
Management RFC1213 (MIB2), RFC1495 (Telnet), RFC1157 (SNMP), RFC1406 (DS1/E1)
RFC1407 (DS3/E3), RFC1215 (Traps)
Order Code
Product AC Mains: 100 - 250 VAC DC Power: -48 VDC
Emux-4 resilient fibre uplink, 4-port E1 RJ45 80-12-400 80-24-400
Emux-8 resilient fibre uplink, 8-port E1 RJ45 80-12-401 80-24-401
Emux-16 resilient fibre uplink, 16-port E1 RJ45 80-12-402 80-24-402

Commonly used SFP transceiversOrder Code Description
155Mbps Multimode 2km 1300nm 80-30-021 Multimode interface
fibre optic loss budget 8.5dB
155Mbps Singlemode 10km 1300nm 80-30-031 Singlemode interface
fibre optic loss budget 13dB
155Mbps Singlemode 40km 1300nm 80-30-033 Singlemode interface
fibre optic loss budget 20dB
155Mbps Singlemode 80km 1550nm 80-30-042 Singlemode interface
fibre optic loss budget 29dB

Whilst the Emux product range uses industry standard user exchangeable SFPs, it is recommended that these are purchased from Metrodata to guarantee their specification and compatibility with each other.

If you require another SFP please contact our sales team with your requirements.

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