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Network Performance Assurance

Metrodata offers a comprehensive solution for Network Performance Assurance via the NetTESTER product range, performing both out-of-service testing and in-service background monitoring of your LAN and WAN connections. Efficient networks are is crucial to servicing the many bandwidth hungry "mission critical" applications that are used in modern organisations. With any perceived reduction in service levels always being blamed on "the Network", it is important that network problems can be isolated and resolved quickly.

Network Performance

Typical questions to which Network Managers need clear answers include:

  • How often do our carrier WAN services fail to live up to their expectations?
  • Are we really getting the SLAs that we are paying for?
  • Is my network latency within tolerance for my VoIP services?

Always on

The NetTESTER devices sit within your network and is a highly featured and capable network test and performance monitor. The NetTESTER offers the capability to test the performance of a network upto full 1G wirespeed, over either a copper 10/100/1000BaseT interface or fibre using either 100BaseFX or 1000Base-X SFP modules.

RFC2544, Y.1564 and TWAMP Service Level Test Capabilities

The NetTESTER offers full wirespeed test capabilities supporting RFC2544, Y.1564 and a manually configured Basic Test Mode. It allows for the configuration of the expected service SLA parameters and then performs the tests to verify the performance against the SLA.

In addition to the out of service test capabilities, the NetTESTER can provide performance monitoring through the use of TWAMP.

Visit our NetTESTER Network Performance Assurance micro-site for more information.

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