Wireless Integration - Manufacturers Tests


Interoperability endorsements from major Wireless Manufacturers

Metrodata solutions have been fully endorsed by Wireless Manufacturers in the following applications:

Optical Meshed Network

AirFiber Website

Airfiber Optimesh

Access Processor With STM-1 module and E1, E2, DS3 circuit emulation modules

Point to Multipoint

Formally P-Com
Access Processor with STM-1 module and E1 circuit emulation module

Point to Point Radio

wavewireless.com/index.html (formally P-Com)
P-Com Airpro E1

DC1200 E1 to V.35 converter
DC3200 FE1 to V.35 converter

GSM Cellular Network Backhaul

Cambridge Broadband Vectastar 3500

Access Processor with STM-1/OC-3 module and E1 circuit emulation module

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