Optical Fiber TAP: Multimode Fiber

Optical Fiber TAP: Multimode Fiber

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MetroWAVE are a series of passive CWDM devices which can dramatically simplify your network infrastructure. The use of optical TAP technology can make your complex network systems easy to monitor and analyse.


MetroWAVE-TAP-MM : Passive Optical Fiber TAP

Network Monitor Schematic

MetroWAVE-TAP-MM Network Monitor Schematic

  • 24 Port Multi-mode in-line Optical Fiber TAP
  • Supports up to 24 duplex tapped network connections in 1U rack space
  • Supports 10Mb, 100Mb, 1G and 10Gb data traffic
  • Full line rate throughput
  • Monitor ports available for non-evasive system debug
  • Unpowered passive device for highest possible reliability

The MetroWAVE-Tap-MM is a high port density Multi-mode Optical TAP, providing non-invasive monitoring for up to 24 duplex (i.e. separate Transmit/Receive channels) optical network connections within a compact 1U sized unit.

The MetroWAVE-Tap-MM passes uninterrupted data between front-panel input/output fiber ports, whilst accurately duplicating all network traffic to rear-panel ‘monitor ports’. Per-port network speeds of 10Mb, 100Mb, 1Gb and 10Gb are supported.

The MetroWAVE-Tap-MM operates by performing a 2-way passive optical split of each input fiber port at the front panel, with one path being returned to the front panel pass-through output port and the other path being directed to the rear panel monitor port. A 50/50 optical power split is normally provided between pass-through and monitor ports, optimised for short-haul fiber applications, however other split ratios are available on request.

The full MetroWAVE family comprises CWDM Multiplexer and Optical Tap products based on passive optical technology, with no optical-electrical-optical conversion. All units are unpowered and contain no moving parts, for maximum robustness and reliability.

Optical Specification
Operating Wavelength850nm or 1300nm
Data Rate Up to 10Gb
Uniformity 0.8db max
Split Ratio Network: 50%
Monitor: 50%
Insertion Loss* Network: 4.3dB max
ßMonitor: 4.3dB max
Return Loss 40dB min
Directivity 45dB min
PDL 0.15dB max
Fibre Type 1 ɸ50/125 (OM3) Multi-mode fibre (ITU-T G.651)
Fibre Type 2ɸ62.5/125 (OM3) Multi-mode fibre (ITU-T G.651)
Connector Type LC/UPC
Dimensions & Capacity
Dimensions (WxDxH mm) 432 x 200 x 44mm
Module 16.5 x 186 x 44 mm
Storage Temp -40 to 85 deg C
Operating Temp -5 to 75 deg C
Humidity 95% RH, non condensing
Pressure 86-106 kPa
Compliance & Approvals
Safety EN60950
Power Supply
Power Consumption Unpowered
MetroWAVE Item Part No. Description
MetroWAVE-TAP-MM-850NM-50UM80-32-110850nm band, 50/125um, 50/50 split, 24 ports 1U
MetroWAVE-TAP-MM-850NM-62UM80-32-111850nm band, 62.5/125um, 50/50 split, 24 ports 1U
MetroWAVE-TAP-MM-1300NM-50UM80-32-1201300nm band, 50/125um, 50/50 split, 24 ports 1U
MetroWAVE-TAP-MM-1300NM-62UM80-32-1211300nm band, 62.5/125um, 50/50 split, 24 ports 1U
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