Optical Fibre TAP: Singlemode Fibre

Optical Fibre TAP: Singlemode Fibre

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are a series of passive CWDM devices which can dramatically simplify your network infrastructure. The use of optical TAP technology can make your complex network systems easy to monitor and analyse.


MetroWAVE-TAP-SM: Passive Optical Fibre TAP

Network Monitor Schematic

MetroWAVE-TAP-SM Network Monitor Schematic

  • 24 Port Single-mode in-line Optical Fibre TAP
  • Supports up to 24 duplex tapped network connections in 1U rack space
  • Supports 10Mb, 100Mb, 1G and 10Gb data traffic
  • Full line rate throughput
  • Monitor ports available for non-evasive system debug
  • Unpowered passive device for highest possible reliability

The MetroWAVE-Tap-SM is a high port density Single-mode Optical TAP, providing non-invasive monitoring for up to 24 duplex (i.e. separate Transmit/Receive channels) optical network connections within a compact 1U sized unit.

The MetroWAVE-Tap-SM passes uninterrupted data between front-panel input/output fibre ports, whilst accurately duplicating all network traffic to rear-panel ‘monitor ports’. Per-port network speeds of 10Mb, 100Mb, 1Gb and 10Gb are supported.

The MetroWAVE-Tap-SM operates by performing a 2-way passive optical split of each input fibre port at the front panel, with one path being returned to the front panel pass-through output port and the other path being directed to the rear panel monitor port. A 50/50 optical power split is normally provided between pass-through and monitor ports, optimised for short-haul fibre applications, however other split ratios are available on request.

The full MetroWAVE family comprises CWDM Multiplexer and Optical Tap products based on passive optical technology, with no optical-electrical-optical conversion. All units are unpowered and contain no moving parts, for maximum robustness and reliability.

Optical Specification
Operating Wavelength 1260nm to 1620nm
Centre Wavelength 1310/1550nm
Data Rate Up to 10Gb
Uniformity 0.9db max
Split Ratio Network: 50%
Monitor: 50%
Insertion Loss* Network: 4.2dB max
Monitor: 4.2dB max
Return Loss 50dB min
Directivity 50dB min
PDL 0.15dB max
Fibre Type ITU G.657
Connector Type LC/UPC
Dimensions & Capacity
Dimensions (WxDxH mm) 432 x 200 x 44mm
Module 16.5 x 186 x 44 mm
Storage Temp -40 to 85 deg C
Operating Temp -5 to 75 deg C
Humidity 95% RH, non condensing
Pressure 86-106 kPa
Compliance & Approvals
Safety EN60950
Power Supply
Power Consumption Unpowered
MetroWAVE Item Part No. Description
MetroWAVE-TAP-SM80-32-100 1260nm-1620nm band, 50/50 split, 24 ports 1U
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