Front: HE1000 HSSI Extender
Rear: HE1000 HSSI Extender

HSSI Extender

The HE1000 can be used in pairs to provide a point-to-point HSSI extension between routers.

HSSI Extender

  • Must be used in pairs.
  • Extends HSSI over 150 metres
  • Data paths to 51.84Mbps
  • External Alarm relay port
  • Simple bandwidth configuration
  • Plug and Play solution
  • Integral power supply (110V AC, 220-250V AC or -48V DC versions)
  • Satellite modem compliant ASI interface
  • Asymmetric data rate support
HSSI extension between 2 routers
HSSI extension between 2 routers

HSSI is a common WAN port interface for higher speed routers and servers, which can operate at up to 51.84Mbps, over distances of up to 10 metres.

In data warehouses where large numbers of servers need interconnecting, or where multiple ISPs operate from within the same premises, this distance restriction can become a major logistics problem. Metrodata’s HE1000 HSSI extenders can be used to increase these connection distances up to 150m using standard coaxial cable, which means that separate cabinets, separate rooms, or even neighbouring buildings can now be used to locate equipment with secure access for each ISP.

A primary design goal for the HE1000 was ease of use, and the HE1000 is truly Plug & Play, with almost no configuration necessary for point to point HSSI extension between routers. The HE1000 operates as a HSSI DCE, providing the transmit timing to an attached router, with a simple dip-switch selection for either N*1Mbps or standard telecoms bandwidths such as 34.368Mbps, up to the maximum data rate of 51.84Mbps.

The HE1000 provides a standards-compliant asynchronous serial interface (ASI) as the transmission medium. ASI runs over standard coaxial cable terminated with BNC connectors. It provides a much more flexible and robust interconnect than HSSI. The ASI interface utilises an adaptive equaliser stage in the receive interface and can operate over 150 metres of good quality coaxial cable. The HE1000 ASI interface is fully compatible with the ASI interface presented on Satellite modems.

The HE1000 can easily be rack mounted in either a 1U two unit rack mount kit, a 6U eighteen unit rack mount kit.

HSSI extension between 2 routers
HSSI extension between 2 routers

In the schematic above, 2 routers are located 150 metres apart with HSSI interfaces operating at 51.84Mbps.

HSSI router to ASI satellite modem connection
HSSI router to ASI satellite modem connection

In the schematic above, the HE1000 provides a conversion function between a router HSSI port and a satellite modem with an ASI port, allowing the router to connect to the satellite modem, which is 150 metres away. Asymmetric data rates (e.g. 8Mbps one way and 34 Mbps the other) can be supported by the HE1000.

An equivalent network connection using a satellite modem with ASI interface connected to an HE1000 MUST also exist at the other end of the satellite link.

N.B. The HE1000 CANNOT be connected directly to an HSSI satellite modem.

Router Port
Physical Interface HSSI, 50 way AMP connector
Presentation DCE
Controls TA, CA
Data Rates Dip-switch selectable N x 1 Mbps or standard Mbps as below:
1.544, 2.048, 6.312, 8.192, 8.448, 16.384, 32.768, 34.368, 44.736, 51.84
Physical Interface BNC (75 ohm)
Line Code 8B / 10B
Transport Clock 270 Mbps +/- 15 ppm
Voltage 800 mV +/- 10%
Data Rate Up to 51.84 Mbps
Framing Unframed
ASI Mode Distributed
Jitter Per EN50083-9
Temp 0-45 deg C
Humidity 95% RH, non-condensing
Pressure 86-106 KPA
Power Supply
AC Mains 220-240 VAC, 50-400Hz, 50mA IEC connector
-40VDC -40 to -72 VDC, 200-100mA
Type Modem, 1U high without feet, IP30C
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
Rack mount 202 x 132 x 44 (without feet)
Desktop 202 x 132 x 48 (with feet)
Compliance & Approvals
Safety EN60950
EMC EMC EN55032, EN50083-9
Part Number
ProductAC MainsDC Power
HE1000 80-05-500
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1U 2 Unit Rack mount Kit80-05-256
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6U 18 Unit Rack mount Kit80-05-250
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Product variants with 12V to 24V DC operation are also available on request.

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