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Metrodata offer a wide range products which cover many possible applications and solutions.

Our mission is to solve interoperability and incompatibility issues in wide-area networking.

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Metrodata Solutions

Metrodata offers a comprehensive solution for Network Performance Assurance via the NetTESTER product range, performing both in-service and out-of-service testing of your LAN and WAN connections. Efficient IT is crucial to servicing the many “bandwidth hungry” “mission critical” applications that are used in modern organisations. With any perceived reduction in service levels “always” being blamed on “the Network”, it is important that network problems can be isolated and resolved quickly.

Typical questions Network Managers are asked include:
  • How often do your carrier WAN services fail to live up to their expectations?
  • Are you really getting the SLAs that you are paying for?
  • Is our network latency within tolerance for our VoIP services?

These NetTESTER devices sit within your network and perform a background analysis of the performance of your network, including “packet loss”, “packet delay” and “delay variation” to micro-second resolution.

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Metrodata offer a comprehensive solution for Ethernet Service Delivery. The MetroCONNECT range of products offers both carrier exchange modular systems as well as standalone customer site equipment. These products enable you to provision Ethernet based services over a wide variety of last mile connection types without the configuration complexity and network partitioning that routers cause. Sophisticated OAM and IP based management allow full network visibility and utilisation right onto the customer site.

Metrodata offer various solutions within their Ethernet service delivery family:

Carrier Ethernet services are evolving to use the following features:

  • Management visibility onto the customer site
  • VLAN support using 802.1Q, including Q-in-Q stacked VLANs
  • Quality of service using 802.1p VLAN prioritisation with traffic policing and shaping
  • Service monitoring using 802.3ah EFM and 802.1ag CFM
  • SLA performance measurement and verification using Y.1731
  • Service installation and provisioning using RFC2544 and Y.1564

Metrodata has a range of Ethernet Access Demarcation products offering this functionality whilst maintaining the lowest possible unit cost:

Follow the link Carrier Ethernet services for more information.

Metrodata's Ethernet Media Converter products offer a variety of plug and play solutions:

For more information visit our Ethernet Media Converter page.

Metrodata offer a range of products which are useful for LAN extension purposes. These products enable you to connect local area networks (LANs) together over a wide area network (WAN) without the need for expensive and complex routers. An example application would be to connect a remote office network to the head quarters over a Telecoms leased line service.

Metrodata offer various solutions with their LAN extender family:

For more information visit our Legacy Ethernet LAN Extension page.

Metrodata offer a variety of Optical MUX solutions:

Click the following for an application example on using our MetroWAVE CWDM Mux in a Data Centre Solution, or the following for more on our Optical MUX solutions.

Our Optical Fibre TAPs are unpowered passive devices for highest possible reliability that support full line rate throughput supporting network speeds from 10Mb to 10Gb and provide monitoring per port.

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Metrodata's range of fibre converters offer conversion from a range of standard interfaces including RS232, X.21, EIA530, V.35, E1, E3, DS3, STM-1, OC-3 to multimode or singlemode fibre either short haul or long haul. These plug and play solutions will help you to interconnect legacy applications via existing fibre within buildings, on campuses or across major terrestrial infrastructures.

Typical applications include:

  • E1/T1 G703 BNC/RJ45 equipment, e.g. routers or PBXs - FC1X00
  • Multimode Fibre interfaces at 155Mbit/s, e.g. routers - FC2X00: MM to SM SH/LH Fibre Mode Converter (100baseF, 155Mbps)
  • E3/DS3 G.703 equipment, e.g. routers or broadcast video equipment - FC3X00
  • STM-1/OC-3 BNC G703 equipment, e.g. core switches - FC4X00
  • Multimode Fibre interfaces at 622Mbit/s, e.g. routers - FC6X00
  • RS232, e.g. terminals - FIMO232
  • V.35, V.36, X.21, e.g. routers or video conferencing equipment - FIMO2100
  • 1000BaseSX to 1000BaseLX Gigabit Ethernet Converter - FC-GigE
  • Simple method of delivering 4, 8 or 16 E1 services over redundant fibre - EMUX
  • Multiple Ethernet, E1 and T1 equipment - MetroLAN1000
  • Multiple Ethernet, E1, T1, E3 and DS3 equipment - MetroLAN2000

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Communications equipment has a wide variety of interfacing options. If you need to connect different equipment together, or make the most out of the data or leased line service that you have, then Metrodata probably has a product that can help. Metrodata offer a wide variety of interface conversion products which operate at the transmission level and therefore can be used without requiring changes to your high level network design and without reducing your ability to fully test your infrastructure.

Typical interface conversions include:

Click the following for more information aboutInterface Conversion Solutions.

Integrating PBX, Router and LAN's within a Wide Area corporate resource is made easier and more cost-effective by careful selection of network services and the associated connections to your on-premise equipment.

Metrodata can offer a variety of solutions including:

  • Interface conversion between user equipment and standard Telecoms services (e.g. DC3000)
  • Expansion of switched data infrastructure to include remote offices via leased line services (e.g. WC1000, WCM1100)
  • Delivery of multiple voice, data and video services over an integrated infrastructure
  • Enabling the user to use the most cost effective wide area bandwidth services
  • Convergence between multiple disparate applications and technologies (Access Processor)

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Carrier services are usually delivered to users via the most cost effective medium that is available, however this often presents a different interface to the customer than exists on their customer premise equipment. Metrodata provide a variety of different service provision solutions to resolve these issues, including:

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The communications sector uses a wide variety of equipment and infrastructure services. Metrodata are specialists at integrating equipment and services together across a wide spectrum of connectivity applications from data centres and switch rooms to LAN, MAN and WAN, from Telecoms services to mobile to broadcast to satellite. With a wide variety of products each resolving relatively simple transmission problems, as well as some more complex convergence solutions, Metrodata has the tool kit that you need.

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Metrodata provide a variety of ATM solutions including:

  • ATM rate adaption, e.g. interconnection of OC-3 and E3 ATM equipment (ATM Switching DSU)
  • ATM interface conversion, e.g. interconnection of OC-3 ATM equipment via DS3 leased line circuits (ATM Switching DSU)
  • ATM network termination, e.g. ATM service delivery network termination units (ATM Network Termination Unit)
  • ATM circuit emulation, e.g. integration of non-ATM or legacy applications into ATM networks (ATM Circuit Emulation DSU, Access Processor)
  • ATM over serial applications, e.g. transporting ATM over serial services (Access Processor)
  • Serial over ATM applications, e.g. transporting encrypted data across an ATM network (Access Processor)
  • ATM over satellite applications, e.g. transporting ATM cells across a satellite link (Access Processor)
  • Convergence solutions, e.g. integrating ATM and non-ATM applications together, or even just multiple non-ATM applications (Access Processor)

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Metrodata understand the world of Satcoms, and supply many features as standard that specifically address issues relating to the implementation of satellite applications, including:

  • Ethernet over satellite, e.g. deliver Ethernet services via satellite
  • Satellite back haul solutions, e.g. resolving clocking and frequency issues via transmission solutions, i.e. without partitioning at IP layer
  • Satellite modem interface converters, e.g. converting between satellite modems, routers and encrypters
  • Exact clocking solutions, e.g. matching transmission frequencies to minimise geographic or environmental limitations
  • ATM over satellite, e.g. transporting ATM cells over serial infrastructure
  • Asymmetric satellite solutions, e.g. resolving connectivity problems within asymmetric satellite networks

Metrodata can also help you get the most from your satellite network by resolving the following:

  • Network partitioning problems, e.g. designing back haul infrastructure at layer 2 without routers causing layer 3 problems
  • Co-location issues, e.g. extend connections between satellite modems and router infrastructure via extended cabling
  • Back haul issues, e.g. extend connections between satellite modems and router infrastructure via terrestrial infrastructure
  • High data rates over satellite, e.g. enable provision of services at bandwidths between 52Mbps and 110Mbps

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Applications and requirements in space and defence networks can range from low-bandwidth bi-directional, secure voice communications to high data rate broadcast imagery. Add this to legacy TDM Networks, existing Trunk, Bulk Encryption Devices and emerging technologies and it is clear that the Access Point must be highly flexible in both bit rate and mode of operation, whilst being scalable enough to support future capabilities.

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Federal applications and requirements can range from low bandwidth bi-directional secure voice communications, to high data rate broadcast imagery from the new generation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles such as Global Hawk, Combine this with legacy TDM Networks, existing Trunk and Bulk Encryption devices, then Systems Engineering becomes an interesting challenge which Metrodata can help you with.

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Metrodata's wealth of experience interconnecting carrier services to all types of customer Premise equipment (CPE) interfaces can also be applied to the wireless arena to ensure that you have solutions to your challenges. Wireless equipment often has interfaces which are not compatible with user requirements. Speeds from Nx64kbps up to 622 Mbps via fibre or copper into X.21, V.35, HSSI and ATM are all possible.

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