MetroCONNECT Ethernet Access Networking

The increasing demand by customers for direct end-to-end Ethernet WAN connectivity presents an investment challenge to the Service Provider. Whilst in Metropolitan centres, the deployment of high-speed, fibre based network, over which Ethernet services at up to 1Gbps or beyond might readily be supported, this is certainly not the case, even in more economically and technologically advanced countries, for rural locations. Whilst Telecoms Infrastructure Carriers the world over are investing in upgrading their legacy SDH/PDH infrastructures to so-called 'Next Generation' packet-based networks, Service Providers can potentially offer Ethernet Access solutions which make use of existing legacy infrastructures.

The MetroCONNECT family of Ethernet Service Delivery products enables the Telecoms Service Provider to offer Ethernet services delivered over a range of Access Network Transport architectures.

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