White Papers

Ethernet Demarcation Devices with built-in OTDR support

Looks at Ethernet Demarcation Devices with built-in fibre fault detection using Optical Time-domain Reflectometry.

Ethernet Demarcation Devices for managing End-to-End Ethernet Service Delivery

Examines the challenges of Management of end-to-end network connections experienced by Ethernet Service Providers and looks at how the use of cost-effective, manageable Ethernet Demarcation Devices can help them to meet those challenges

IP VPN & Ethernet WAN Services

Provides a comparative overview of IP VPN and Ethernet WAN services, looking at the pros and cons of both, from the perspective of both Service Provider and Customer. We then examine some of the challenges facing the Service Provider community in meeting increasing demands, from both resale partners and end-user customers, for 'Wires Only' Ethernet access to IP VPNs, and then in making the transition to offering full Layer-2 Ethernet WAN services.

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