ATM Rate Adaption Solutions


ATM Devices and Networks operating at different transmission speeds connected together usingATM Rate Adapters

ATM services can be delivered at different network speeds from different service providers. In the above example carrier ATM networks with DS3 and E3 interfaces need to interconnect. The Metrodata ATM switching converter performs both physical and data rate adaptation to interconnect these networks.

Also shown is the connection of a customer site ATM switch with integral STM-1/OC3 155Mbps interface via an E3 34Mbps ATM link to an ATM network. The ATM switching converter provides a more cost effective solution to this interfacing problem that changing the ATM switch interface (assuming that this is possible). With the average traffic load from the ATM switch not exceeding 34Mbps, the ATM switching converter buffers the data in each direction providing the physical interface conversion and rate adaption required for this solution.

Comprehensive performance monitoring and management capabilities are also provided.

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