ATM Networking Solutions


ATM networking technology has been around for over 15 years. ATM was designed with integral Quality of Service so that it could offer high quality transmission of ALL types of traffic (e.g. legacy voice and TDM, Frame Relay and IP), that other transmission protocols could not.

IP core networks do not yet meet the service levels that ATM can for mixed traffic, and so most Carrier core networks are layered with ATM at the centre, whatever services are offered to their customers.

Many ISP's also use ATM in the core, so ATM IS a good backbone technology!

So, if you are looking for high service levels in satellite or terrestrial service provision, or simply the provision of high reliability integrated applications over the wide area, then you must consider ATM as a rock-solid foundation.

Metrodata provide a wide variety of rate adaption, interface conversion and convergence ATM solutions, including unique features and solutions for the satellite and defense sector.

For further information look at our ATM Adaption and ATM Access Processor product overview pages, or review some of our sample ATM solutions below:

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