Corporate Local Area Network Extension


Connecting remote offices into the corporate LAN makes a lot of sense, as data and other IT resources can then be shared across the whole company.

But, do you really have to be bothered with integrating routers, switches and wide area communication links? - NO!

Wouldn't life be so much easier, if you could extend the zero configuration self learning Ethernet switching technology of your WAN right out to your remote offices.

Well with WAN-in-a-CAN you can!

Using Ethernet switching your LANs can be connected together without using routers, which means less equipment, less configuration and less maintenance, all of which means less cost.

All you need to do is work out what speed communications link you need, and the WAN-in-a-CAN will do everything else you need.

Corporate LAN Extension

Corporate LAN Extension using WAN-in-a-CAN

WAN-in-a-CAN is a plug and play solution which contains an Ethernet switch and a WAN interface in a can - at a very attractive price!

For further details look at the WAN-in-a-CAN Product Page

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