Cost Effective High Speed Router Links


Connecting Data Centres with HSSI Router port and E3/DS3 WAN Interface

High speed router connection using DC3445 products

Higher speed router connections are becoming more common due to the explosive growth of corporate data networks and data centres, with E3 34Mbps or DS3 45Mbps leased lines now becoming common.

Some high speed routers now offer E3 and DS3 WAN interfaces, however these interfaces tend to be ATM based, typically incurring an 11% overhead of 4Mbps to 5Mbps.

Metrodata recognised that the management and QoS guarantees of ATM are not required for simple point-to-point connections, and therefore this ATM overhead is actually wasted bandwidth.

So Metrodata developed the DC3445 E3 34Mbps / DS3 45Mbps to HSSI converter to offer a low-cost conversion alternative, saving the overhead and high cost of ATM router interface cards.


  • Buy a router with a standard HSSI interface,
  • Use a DC3445 to convert to (non-ATM) E3 34Mbps or DS3 45 Mbps leased line,
  • Use the entire leased line bandwidth for your data, and also
  • Save money!, e.g. compared to the cost of the E3 ATM Cisco 3600 WAN Interface!

DC3445 Product Datasheet

Manageable versions are also available, which can be remotely managed with the LM1100 SNMP enabler:

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