Cost Effective Low Speed Router Links


Connecting X.21 Routers to E1 Leased Lines

Low speed router connection using DC1000 products

The use of E1 2Mbps G.703 leased lines for router connections is becoming more common due to the explosive growth of corporate data networks.

Some routers now offer E1 WAN interfaces, which could offer an integrated solution.

However there are significant disadvantages to using these integrated E1 interface cards:

  • Inventory is increased - as more router interface modules need to be stocked and supported
  • Costs are increased - as the incremental price is more than the cost of an interface converter
  • Flexibility is reduced - as decisions needs to be made in advance whether framed or unframed interface modules need to be used

Metrodata developed the DC product range for exactly this application, so that you can standardise on your chosen X.21 or V.35 router interface card in the knowledge that this can be used everywhere in your network.

Metrodata router WAN port interface converters:

Manageable versions are also available, which can be remotely managed with the LM1100 SNMP enabler:

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