PBX & IP Integration


Historically companies had separate Telecoms and Data networks, e.g. a circuit switched PBX network (e.g. Meridian, ISDX InDEX) and a separate IP router network each linked with their own E1 2Mbps G.703 leased line.

Some people thing that the PBX needs all 2Mbps, but it doesn't, as it is rare for a PBX link to use more than 50% of its capacity, meaning that the leased line is not fully utilized.

Data networks have varying bandwidth demands and routers can average out the peaks and troughs and use whatever capacity is available.

With cost savings high on everyone's agenda, it would make sense to combine these two networks.

Converging Voice and Data Networks over E1 using the FM4200

Converging voice and data networks over the same E1 2Mbps G.703 leased line using FM4200 units

The application diagram above shows how a Metrodata FM4200 can be used to combine both voice and data services over the same E1 2Mbps G.703 leased line.

The FM4200 maintains full signalling integrity of the PBX link while allowing the routers to share the leased line, saving the cost of the second leased line.

An FM4500 performs the same function, but with up to 4 data links, e.g. router, video conferencing, etc.

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