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Federal applications and requirements can range from low bandwidth bi-directional secure voice communications, to high data rate broadcast imagery from the new generation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles such as Global Hawk. Combine this with legacy TDM networks, existing link, serial, bulk and trunk encryption devices as well as emerging technologies for Network Centric Warfare, and system engineering becomes a challenge.

Infrastructures must be highly flexible in bit-rate and mode of operation, whilst being scalable enough to support future capabilities. Metrodata specialise in optimising networks by removing data rate bottlenecks and interfacing between:

Typical applications include the following:

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Customer Quotes

The ability to scale from T1 to OC-3, in a single chassis, on both sides of an ATM switch,serial circuit emulation AND satellite trunking is compelling across Federal.Pete Babendrier, US Air Force Team, Cisco Federal Systems
After an extensive trade study, we selected Metrodata's AP product line as the backbone switch in our extensible, deployable satellite communications offering. The AP product line was used to support the US Joint Forces Command Millennium Challenge, the Joint US Army / US Navy High-Speed Vessel, and the Flag Ship of the US Navy's Commander Second Fleet / NATO Striking Fleet Atlantic
As robust as their product offering is, the most impressive trait of Metrodata is their responsiveness and willingness to support the customer with superior engineering services and second-to-none customer service.  Metrodata has developed custom firmware updates that were required in order to support the nuances of US Department of Defense cryptographic devices literally overnight.  They have evolved to be one of our most trusted partners in this business, and I highly recommend them”Mark Solsman - President - ENGENUITY, LLC

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