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On-line presence and Global business practices have established a 24-hour business day making Business Continuity a Strategic Issue. Nowadays even a short data outage can leave a company's brand damaged and vulnerable to competition as customers simply seek satisfaction elsewhere.

IT administrators need to respond to this challenge with a workable Disaster Recovery (DR) plan that can cope with the steady growth of data capacities and bandwidths and ever tightening budgetary constraints. Remote failover to a Secondary Data Centre has become crucial, however these Mirror Sites need to be located at increasing distances from the Primary Data Centre to ensure survivability in the event of a catastrophic natural or infrastructural disaster. The key challenge is to ensure high capacity, high availability and yet cost-effective networking with multi-gigabit bandwidths for both Ethernet and FibreChannel/SAN required between Data Centres.

As data bandwidths grow “dark fibre” has become an increasingly viable option between sites. Optical multiplexing can dramatically improve the throughput of these dark fibre networks whilst transporting multiple data streams with differing data speeds and formats.

Optical multiplexing offers an extremely simple and powerful method of converging applications to share the same singlemode fibre infrastructure whilst maintaining complete separation of these applications and their underlying technologies. The principle is simple: assign each application (e.g. SAN, Ethernet data, voice, CCTV, video conferencing, telemetry) to a different colour of light (i.e. optical wavelength) and then use MetroWAVE optical multiplexers to merge these together into a single optical stream and then to separate them back out again at the other end of the fibre link. Optical multiplexing operates completely independently of bandwidths, protocols or other application parameters, e.g. 1G/10G Ethernet, 2G/4G/8G FibreChannel and other networking technologies can be supported over a common fibre infrastructure. Metrodata can also supply cost effective long distance (e.g. 80km) vendor compatible CWDM transceivers (including SFP, SFP+, XFP and XENPAK) to fit into your end equipment, thereby enabling a one-stop solution.

Data Centre Disaster Recovery using Dark Fibre

Data Centre Disaster Recovery using Dark Fibre

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