Optical Multiplexing Solutions



Metrodata offer a variety of Optical multiplexing solutions:

  • Multiple E1 G.703 connections over Resilient fibre - Emux
  • Multiple E1 and Ethernet connections over fibre - MetroLAN1000
  • Multiple E1, E3, DS3 and Ethernet connections over fibre - MetroLAN2000
  • Passive WDM all-optical multiplexing - MetroWAVE


As budgets tighten and fibre becomes more commonplace, there is a growing need to share infrasructure between different legacy devices. However the disparate technologies in use mean that convergence can be a very complex and fraught problem. Attempting to use IP everywhere can create as many problems as it solves.

Optical multiplexing offers an extremely simple and powerful method of converging applications to share the same singlemode fibre infrastructure whilst maintaining complete separation of these applications and their underlying technologies. The principle is simple: assign each application (e.g. data, voice, CCTV, video conferencing, telemetry) to a different colour of light (i.e. optical wavelength) and then use MetroWAVE optical multiplexers to merge these together into a single optical stream and then to separate them back out again at the other end of the fibre link. Optical multiplexing operates completely independently of bandwidths, protocols or other application parameters. Metrodata can also supply cost effective long distance (e.g. 80km) WDM SFP transceivers to fit into your end equipment, thereby enabling a one-stop solution.

MetroWAVE for WDM Multiplexing

Passive WDM multiplexing using MetroWAVE

Click for further information on the MetroWAVE range of all-optical passive WDM multiplexers.

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