PBX Extension over Fibre


As the consolidation of voice and data services across campuses becomes more commonplace, there is a growing need to extend PBX ISDN-30 'Voice Trunks' over fibre, either to extend existing Trunks from Carrier Termination points to where equipment is located, or often now to connect Trunks between legacy and new VoIP- based PBX systems, as an alternative or back-up to SIP. Such connections may be required either over short distances, either over short distances within a building (generally Multimode fibre) or over longer distances between buildings (generally Singlemode fibre).

Metrodata's PBX Extension solutions are entirely transparent to the PBX and so can support any of the E1/T1 based PBX standards including the following:

Primary Rate ISDN, ISDN-30, Q.931, QSIG, DPNSS and DASS

If you have a single PBX trunk connection to extend over fibre then the FC1x00 product family is recommended.

Single PBX trunk over Fibre

If you have a multiple PBX trunk connections to extend over fibre then the Emux product family is recommended.

Multiple PBX trunk over Fibre

If remote failover to a secondary PBX Data Centre is crucial for you then the Emux product family can support triangulated networks and diverse fibre routing.

Metrodata offers a variety of solutions to this PBX extension problem, so whether you have one or more PBX trunks circuits to extend over fibre, then Metrodata has a solution for you.

A wide variety of fibre types, distances and wavelengths are supported.

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