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Network Performance

Metrodata's MetroCONNECT FCM Ethernet Demarcation and NetTESTER Network Assurance product families provide extensive features including multi-service multiplexing, traffic Prioritisation and Policing, Service Activation Testing and In-service performance monitoring, for today's exacting customer network applications.

Network configurations are getting more complex, quite often spanning numerous Carrier networks making it much harder to monitor end-to-end traffic. Our products fit nicely at the end of the network either as an Ethernet Demarcation Device as in the MetroCONNECT FCM product family, or as an embedded network monitor and tester as our NetTESTER Ethernet Network Tester product family.

Our MetroCONNECT FCM Ethernet Demarcation Devices provide traffic management functions including 802.1p service classification, 'inherited' DSCP QOS definitions, 802.1ad Provider Bridging (S-Tag) VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q) for service multiplexing and per-flow policing and colour marking against CIR / CBS / EIR / EBS. They provide also traffic policing, shaping and flexible per-flow service mapping. All whilst providing a demarcation point for the carrier network.

The NetTESTER Network Performance Assurance family of products provide ability of in-place network monitoring, as well as out-of-service network testing, and traffic generation.

Our MetroCONNECT FCM Ethernet Demarcation and NetTESTER Network Assurance families provide Industry-standard test profiles including RFC 2544 and ITU-T Y.1564.

Network Performance, management and provisioning

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