ATM Over Satellite Solutions


Metrodata Access Processor platform offers a comprehensive solution for offering ATM over satellite applications.

Interface between ATM equipment and satellite modems, from narrowband to broadband, from 8kbps to 155Mbps, supporting symmetric, asymmetric and uni-directional applications, we've got your ATM over satellite solutions covered with the Access Processor platform!

ATM over Satellite Applications

ATM over Satellite applications showing the wide range of ATM switch and satellite modem interfaces supported by the Access Processor

Satellite capacity can be exactly matched by slaving clocking off the satellite modems completely eliminating bit slips using the following ATM cell bearing serial satellite modem interfaces on the Access Processor :

  • EIA530 (up to 20Mbps)
  • HSSI (up to 100Mbps)
  • ASI (up to 155Mbps)

Standard ATM switch interfaces can also be supported including:

  • E1 (2Mbps)
  • E3 (34Mbps)
  • DS3 (45Mbps)
  • OC-3 / STM-1 (155Mbps)

Using the above interface options the Access Processor platform is an extremely flexible platform for your ATM over satellite applications.

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