Interfacing EIA530 Satellite Modems


Metrodata offer a wide variety of solutions for interfacing to EIA530 satellite modems.

Most of these solutions operate at up to 20Mbps, which is the maximum operating speed of any EIA530 equipment that we have found. We'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has any EIA530 equipment which operates faster than 20Mbps, so that we can interface to it.

Metrodata products also support EIA530 satellite modems connectivity as follows:

  • Delivery of Ethernet, for LAN over satellite at up to 20Mbps asymmetrically - WC X.21
  • Connection to E1 G.703 encrypters - DC3000, Access Processor
  • Convergence of multiple EIA530 Nx64kbps satellite modems to a single E1 port - FM4500
  • Connection to HSSI router ports - BC2x00
  • Backhaul / reachback over fiber links - FIMO-2100 (up to 8Mbps), Access Processor 0(up to 20Mbps)
  • Backhaul / reachback over E1, E2, E3, DS3 or OC-3 leased lines - Access Processor
  • Connection to ATM switches or cell encrypters at E1, E2, E3, DS3 and OC-3 Rates - Access Processor

In the following application there is a requirement to convert serial EIA530/TTL to OC-3 ATM, so that the EIA530 satellite data could be backhauled over an OC-3 ATM network. The main requirement was that the Metrodata AP3000 Access Processor supports the exact data rate supplied by the satellite demodulator. The AP3000 converts this serial data into ATM which is connected via the ATM switch and into the ATM network. At the far end of the ATM network, a second AP3000 is used to reconstruct the exact original data rate to connect into the EIA530/TTL serial encrypter.

ATM Network

This is a typical Government application where Metrodata were the only company that could provide a solution.

The Access Processor platform is a modular chassis based system which can simultaneous be a Satellite Service Concentrator, a Satellite Hub Multiplexer and a Satellite Switch. Over a single EIA530 satellite link It can support up to 8 x EIA530 separate connections. Interesting applications include 2 x 20Mbps EIA530 Over DS-3, and Asymmetric UAV Backhaul.  and we also support Asymmetric Clocking as standard. The Metrodata EIA530 Module is available in either standard Serial (Flexi CE EIA530) or ATM cell bearing Serial (Flexi UNI EIA530). The ATM EIA530 Module can be used to multiplex several EIA530 Connections over a Single EIA530 Satellite Link, or can be used to transport Multiple E1/T1's over a single EIA530 Satellite Link.

The Access Processor EIA530/TTL module supports data rates in 1bps increments up to 20Mbps, and can also lock onto the exact data rate supplied by the satellite modem, thereby removing the possibility of any bit slips. The Metrodata Access Processor also supports a wide range of ATM switch interfaces, e.g. E1, E2, E3, DS3, STM-1 and OC-3.

Manufacturers of similar products only support granularities of 8kbps or worse, and cannot lock onto the exact modem bit rates, thereby suffering regular bit slips.

Using the Metrodata Access Processor range, we are also able to multiplex up to 8 separate serial connections into a single ATM trunk, e.g. using an E3, DS3 or OC-3 ATM switch at the head end to support 8 separate satellite links, using EIA530 or HSSI satellite modems. This is a very effective method of multiplexing, as our ability to exactly clock the serial connection means that we give you the ability to use your bandwidth on the ATM network more efficiently.

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