Interfacing HSSI / ECL Satellite Modems


Metrodata are a specialist at offering connectivity solutions to HSSI satellite modems.

HSSI interfaces on satellite modems can go as high as 110Mbps, whereas on routers HSSI is only used up to 52Mbps or STS-1 speeds. Metrodata's PA1000, LH1000 and Access Processor products are specifically designed to allow user equipment to be used with satellite modems at data rates higher than 52Mbps.

There are 5 main applications where Metrodata equipment interfaces to HSSI satellite modems:

  • To deliver Ethernet services over satellite at up to 110Mbps - LH1000
  • To backhaul a HSSI satellite service over a leased line, fiber or ATM network - Access Processor
  • To provide ATM over satellite, by allowing the connection of ATM Switches to HSSI satellite modems - Access Processor
  • To enabe high data rate [HDR] links over satellite in excess of 52Mbps - PA1000
  • To enable the connection of Juniper routers to HSSI satellite modems at up to 100Mbps - PA1000

Using the Metrodata AP3000 Access Processor any symmetric, asymmetric or uni-directional HSSI satellite connection can be backhauled over:

  • E1, E2, E3, DS3 and OC-3 leased lines
  • Multimode or singlemode fiber
  • E3, DS3 and OC-3 ATM network

The Access Processor can also receive and transmit on different interfaces, i.e. EIA530 receive and HSSI transmit, and then backhaul over leased line, fiber or ATM, presenting at the far end with a single EIA530 or HSSI interface.

Using the Metrodata AP8000 Access Processor, up to 8 x HSSI connections can be aggregated onto a single DS3 or OC-3 leased line, alternatively multiple applications can be converged over the same HSSI satellite link.

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