NATO NC3A ATM over Satellite tests


NATO NC3A ATM Over Satellite Tests - Metrodata's Involvement

One of the first instances of Metrodata being involved in ATM over satellite was in 1995 when NATO used the Metrodata ATM Switching DSU to connect a pair of Fore Systems ASX200 OC-3 ATM switches via an E1 2Mbps G.703 satellite modem.

NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency [NC3A] conducted a series of interoperability tests, experiments and demonstrations of asynchronous transfer mode [ATM] over Satellite Communications [SATCOMS] links, using Commercial Off The Shelf [COTS] equipment.

Bilateral testing with the United States Communications Electronics Command [CECOM] was conducted from late 1995 through mid 1996.

The satcom link was implemented at NC3A using the Comtech EFDATA SLM 8650 modem providing a standard 2.048Mbps G.703/G.704 interface.

This E1 G.703/G.704 interface was connected to the Metrodata ATM Switching DSU, which converted the E1 ATM cell rate on the satellite modem to the OC-3 ATM cell rate on the Fore Systems ASX200 ATM switch.

This was one of the first of many highly successful instances of Metrodata's involvement in ATM Over Satellite.

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