Satellite Hub Multiplexing


Satellite Hub Multiplexers

Metrodata have several areas where we are involved in multiplexing from a satellite network perspective.

The Access Processor (AP) platform is a simple but comprehensive solution to satellite multiplexing applications. It supports point-to-point, point-to-multi-point (hub-spoke) and meshed networks. A wide variety of interfaces are available provides interoperability between data networks (Ethernet, IP, Frame Relay, ATM), serial (e.g. encrypted data), fiber and satellite infrastructures. Many different satellite modem interfaces are supported including EIA530 (up to 20Mbps), HSSI (up to 100Mbps), ECL (up to 100Mbps), ASI (up to 155Mbps), G.703 (E1, E2, E3 and DS3), and these can operate asymmetrically at extremely fine bandwidth granularities, and with flexible clocking modes.

Typical applications include:

  • Convergence of multiple applications over satellite, e.g. voice (multiple E1), data (Ethernet, IP, Frame Relay, ATM), video (E1, E3, ASI)
  • Convergence of multiple satellite links into a single head end infrastructure
  • Multi-casted and asymmetric data links over satellite
  • Backhaul of multiple voice circuits over satellite, e.g. 8 off E1 base stations over an EIA530 satellite link
  • Backhaul of multiple satellite circuits across a terrestrial link, e.g. multiple EIA530 satellite links from an Earth station over a terrestrial leased line
  • Transport of native ATM over satellite, extending the reach of your ATM network across satellite

For Military Satcoms applications we support a variety of extra features that make Metrodata the leader in this field, for example:

  • EIA530 encyrypters and Tri-Band satellite terminals are supported with data rates up to 20Mbps including asymmetric operation
  • Up to 8 remote sites can be supported from a single chassis
  • Encrypted links can be integrated and transported across the satellite infrastructure (EIA530, HSSI, G.703, ASI and ECL satellite modems are supported)
  • Backhaul 2 off EIA530 links at 20Mbps each over a single DS3
  • Backhaul 7 off EIA530 links at 20Mbps each over an OC-3/STM-1

Multi service convergance over satellite

Converging multiple applications over a single satellite modem infrastructure (using either EIA530, HSSI or ASI satellite modems) using the Access Processor platform

Satellite Distribution

Converging multiple satellite links into a single head end infrastructureusing the Access Processor platform

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