Satellite Solutions


Metrodata offer a wide range of leading edge satellite solutions, having worked with Telecoms and Satcoms hardware manufacturers to develop a truly scalable and flexible core platform for satellite service delivery, the Access Processor.

There has always been an invisible demarcation point between Telecoms knowledge and Satcoms knowledge. However a lot of the limitiations of satellite services, come from interfacing satellite and terrestrial Telecoms infrastructures. For data networks satellite service providers have traditionally used routers as a way of interfacing between satellite modems and the terrestrial infrastructure. This approach is not only expensive, but it also partitions the network at layer 3 which can cause operations and maintenance problems. It can even enforce terrestrial bandwidth limitations on the data rates supported by the satellite application, rather than enabling operation at the full satellite bandwidth available.

The Metrodata Access Processor platform has evolved out of customer requirements for back-hauling satellite links and multiplexing terrestrial services over satellite. Due to its flexibility and scalability the Access Processor is a perfect platform upon which to base your satellite infrastructure, allowing you to design, optimise and transform your satellite network. With the Access Processor you have a platform for building a lasting competitive advantage and offering truly innovative satellite services, because you can remove the limitations placed on YOUR services, by YOUR infrastructure.

Quotes from Satellite Users

“Your technical solution is bullet-proof, and perhaps at the core to Metrodata being a Global leader in your niche market.” John Baddick, Verestar
“After researching multiple ATM switch vendors we selected the AP line due to the large variety of interface types, easy to use configuration interface, and overall price for performance.  The knowledge and response time of customer support was excellent. Metrodata and the AP product line truly exceeded our expectations.”Allen St. Jean, Senior Network Engineer, Infinite Global Infrastructures, LLC

Satellite Applications

The Access Processor supports many different satellite networking topologies, including:

  • Symmetric full duplex, asymmetric, point to multi-point and multi-cast networks
  • Data, voice, video integration over satellite
  • ISP backbone over satellite
  • Hybrid links (with return path via terrestrial infrastructure)
  • Highly asymmetric satellite applications, e.g. UAV backhaul

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Reducing Overhead in Multi-casted Satellite Data Networks

Metrodata have also been working with IPricot to reduce overheads in outbound IP platforms, and have managed to achieve savings of between 10 and 30% over MPEG based systems - Read more here


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