Service Provision


Metrodata products are probably used by most Service Providers somewhere in their network - whether knowingly or not!
Carriers such as AT&T GNS, BT, C&W, service providers such as Thomson Reuters, ISPs such as BSkyB, BT Openworld, Microsoft,  PSI Net , UUNET

Metrodata's forte is interface and standards conversion.

Service provider services are often supplied to the user with a different physical interface than is required by the user, however Metrodata understands the end user requirements and can resolve these issues.

So if the customer requires Ethernet, X21 at 2Mbps, HSSI at 34Mbps, ATM at 45Mbps, multimode fibre instead of singlemode fibre, RJ45 instead of fibre, and so on - then Metrodata can provide the solution.

Metrodata's range of interface, media and fibre conversion products will provide the solutions to enable your value-add services.

We can even help you you capitalise on your SDH core, or utilize your unlit metropolitanfibre.

Review some of our sample service provision solutions below:

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