Integrating Juniper into Cisco or Nortel Platforms


Integrate high performance Packet-over Sonet core routers with existing router infrastructures

Integrate high performance Packet-over Sonet core routers from Juniper with existing router infrastructures from Cisco or Nortel

Most Service Provider core IP networks have been developed based upon Cisco, Nortel, or equivalent platforms. Such networks are based upon HSSI connectivity in the core, with upgrades to OC3/STM -1 being very expensive, if available at all.

More recent high performance core network equipment from Juniper has Packet over Sonet (POS) interfaces as standard.

Metrodata developed the PA1000 to allow Service Providers to interface between Packet over Sonet and HSSI routers enabling them to migrate their core networks over to Juniper equipment.

Using the PA1000 the Service Provider gains a migration path allowing the HSSI routers to be migrated to the access layer, whilst the core can be upgraded to Packet of Sonet routers.

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