Software Defined Network

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the use of software applications to control or program the network. The network operators can then manage the entire network consistently and holistically, regardless of who is supplying the network equipment.

What is the purpose of an SDN?

But what can SDN do for me?

It can simplify operations

The concept is to configure the network through software applications using open API’s, removing manual programming of devices. This will open the traditionally closed network platforms (due to proprietary approaches and protocols) with the implementation of a common SDN control layer. The intention is to open the entire network and all its devices to a consistent control layer regardless of technology.

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A key advantage of SDN technology is the ability for network operators to write programs that utilize SDN APIs and give applications control over network behaviour. SDN allows users to develop network-aware applications, intelligently monitor network conditions, and automatically adapt the network configuration as needed.


The use of an open control layer should allow you to choose the best equipment for your needs without being concerned about its backwards (control level) compatibility with equipment you already have. This should promote the use of multi-vendor interoperability to include the control level.

SDN enables networks to be controlled by the software that resides beyond the networking devices that provide physical connectivity. As a result, network operators can tailor how their networks support new services, and even individual customers. By decoupling the hardware from the software, operators can introduce innovative, differentiated new services free from the constraints of closed and proprietary platforms.

Services and applications running on SDN technology are separated from the underlying technologies and hardware that provide physical connectivity from network control. Applications will interact with the network through APIs, instead of management interfaces tightly coupled to the hardware.

This opens the door for you to consider Metrodata as a supplier of your EDD’s which have already been introduced into SDN environments under the control of API’s. In co-operation with PacketFront Software we have already implemented carrier class network capabilities

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