Access Concentration


In a number of cases there will be a requirement for concentration of multiple services over a single "Wireless" uplink. These services could be similar or different.

ATM Concentration

For this application the Access Processor would offer a lot of flexibility as shown in the diagram above. The Access Processor is a multiport ATM Switch, with ATM being a useful technology for converging multiple disparate services rather than the application needing to be ATM based. A single "up-link" at any speed from E1 to OC-3 can be connected to the "Wireless" interface, and multiple different customer interfaces multiplexed onto this single bearer. These services can include ATM data services but also the circuit emulation of non-ATM services from devices such as PBXs, routers, encryptors etc., connected via interfaces such as E1, EIA530, HSSI and ASI.

Alternatively the MetroLAN1000 or MetroLAN2000 would offer the ability to deliver multiple Ethernet, E1, T1, E3 and DS3 services over a single STM-1 or OC-3 link.

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