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Microwave, laser and radio are increasingly used to distribute broadband services where terrestrial infrastructure, copper or fibre, does not exist. Collectively known as 'Wireless' communication, some challenges arise when interconnecting these 'last mile' wireless services to user applications or alternatively to interwork these wireless servies with traditional wired carrier services.

Metrodata's wealth of experience interconnecting carrier services to all types of customer premise equipment (CPE) has been applied to the wireless arena to provide solutions to these challenges. Speeds from Nx64kbps up to 622Mbps via fibre or copper into many interfaces including Ethernet, X21, V35, HSSI and ATM can be supported.

Introduction to Metrodata Wireless Division

The traditional market for Metrodata products has been in the leased line area, providing conversion technologies from terrestrial wide area technologies to customer type interfaces such as E1 2M G703, X.21, V.35 and HSSI (High Speed Serial Interface) on Routers, Video, Voice and Data products. These services have been delivered by carrier organisations on copper, coaxial and fibre optic cables.

As bandwidth needs have increased, existing infrastructure has become fully utilised, and so the full cost and complexity of provisioning new cable services to these locations has become an issue, and wireless has become a viable cost effective alternative which can be provisioned very quickly.

Laser, Microwave, Radio, and optical systems are becoming more widely used to provision these services. These technologies ensure quick and reliable connections for the last mile to customer premises (or often considerably further). We class this whole range of technologies as “Wireless”.

What are the Issues in Wireless?

The use of wireless technologies often leaves connectivity issues since terrestrial services are often still required for long distance transmission. Traditionally these last mile solutions will be connected to carrier networks using high-speed backbones of cable and fiber optics. Metrodata can offer connectivity solutions to connect these Last Mile “Wireless” services to High-Speed carrier backbone services.

Basically the “Wireless” system can be considered as a high-speed point to point link and the full range of Metrodata products for leased line connectivity can be used to connect customer premises equipment to the “Wireless” System.

A lot of “Wireless” manufacturers produce customer premises interfaces but often this might not include the specific speed or interface required by the client.

Currently we categorise our Wireless Applications into the following 8 categories:

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Wireless Manufacturer Tests

Metrodata equipment has been tested for use with these Manufacturer's Wireless Systems

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