Carrier To Carrier


In a number of environments utility companies have a large installed infrastructure of fiber optic networks. "Wireless" products are used to provide services to new carriers via this fiber infrastructure. These "Wireless" products are often ATM based to provide Quality of Service and alternate routing for resilience.

Carrier to Carrier

As shown in the diagram above the Metrodata Access Processor is suitable for this application. Because the "Wireless system is ATM based, circuit emulation interfaces are used to multiplex standard European "E" or American "T" standards onto a single up-link.

A wide variety of services can be delivered dependant on the speed of the link. For example a single wireless link running at 155Mbps could be used to deliver up to 64 E1 services, or alternatively 3 E3 services as well as 14 E1 services could be supported.

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