FC-GigE Ethernet Media Converter
FC-GigE Ethernet Media Converter

FC-GigE 1000BaseSX to 1000BaseLX

Designed for the Gigabit Ethernet arena the FC-GigE fibre converter provides conversion of 1000baseSX 50/125um or 62.5/125um multimode fibre with a maximum range of 550m, to a 1000baseLX interface with a range of 10km when used with 8/125um singlemode fibre

Simple 850nm multimode to 1300nm singlemode conversion

  • Payload and protocol transparent
  • Media conversion between 1000baseSX and 1000baseLX
  • 1000baseLX operates over 10km of singlemode fibre
  • Zero configuration required - just plug & go
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Integral auto-sensing power supply (100-250V AC or -40V DC versions)
  • 12-24V DC power supply available on request
  • External alarm relay port
  • Compact modem style unit, built to European standards
  • Rack mounting kits for 2 or 18 units available
FC-GigE as a 1000baseSX to 1000baseLX Ethernet media converter

The FC-GigE converts between 1000baseSX and 1000baseLX, allowing multimode Gigabit Ethernet equipment to be extended over 10km of singlemode fibre.

The FC-GigE has dual SC connectors, with the 1000baseSX port operating at a nominal wavelength of 850nm, whilst the 1000baseLX port operates at a nominal wavelength of 1300nm.

The FC-GigE can easily be rack mounted in either a 1U two unit rack mount kit , a 6U eighteen unit rack mount kit.

The FC-GigE is part of a range of fibre conversion products from Metrodata. The wider product range offers fibre conversion solutions ranging from 300 baud RS-232, via Nx64kbps rates, through 2Mbps and up to 155Mbps for electrical to fibre conversion; or 155Mbps, 622Mbps or Gigabit Ethernet for fibre mode or wavelength conversion.

FC-GigE for Gigabit Ethernet LAN switch connection over singlemode fibre
FC-GigE for Gigabit Ethernet extension singlemode fibre

This application shows a pair of Gigabit Ethernet switches connected over a singlemode fibre using a pair of FC-GigE units. This singlemode fibre could be between buildings (e.g. across a business park), or across a city (e.g. over a rented fibre). The FC-GigE can also be used to convert between a 1000baseSX interface on one Ethernet device and a 1000baseLX interface on another Ethernet device.

1000baseSX Interface
  • Port: IEEE802.3z 1000baseSX
  • Interface: Dual SC, Multimode 50/125um or 62.5/125um
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Data Rate: 1.25Gbps
  • TX Power: -9.5 to -4 dBm
  • Max Input Power: 0dBm
  • RX Sensitivity: -17 to 0dBm
  • Optical Loss Budget: 7.5dB (550m)
1000baseLX Interface
  • Port: IEEE802.3z 1000baseLX
  • Interface: Dual SC, Multimode 50/125um or 62.5/125um or Singlemode 9/125um
  • Wavelength: 1300nm
  • Data Rate: 1.25 Gbps
  • Multimode TX Power: -11.5 to -4dB
  • Singlemode TX Power: -9 to -3 dBm
  • Multimode Max Input Power: -3 dBm
  • Singlemode Max Input Power: -3 dBm
  • Multimode RX Sensitivity: -20 to -3dbm
  • Singlemode RX Sensitivity: -20 to -3 dBm
  • Multimode Optical Loss Budget: 8.5 dB (550m)
  • Singlemode Optical Loss Budget: 11 dB (10km)
Compliance & Approvals
  • Safety: EN60950, IEC60825-1 Class 1 Laser Eye Safety
  • EMC: EN55032
  • Operating temperature: 0 to +50°C
  • Storage temperature: -40 to +70°C
  • Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
  • Pressure: 86 - 106kPa
Power Supply Options
  • -48 VDC: -40 to -72V DC, 200 - 100 mA
  • AC Mains: 100 - 250V AC, 50 - 400Hz, 65 - 25mA IEC connector
  • Power Consumption : 4.5 watts approx when operating
  • Type: Modem, 1U high without feet, IP30C
  • Dimensions (w x d x h): 202 x 132 x 44mm
  • Operating temperature: 0 to +50°C
  • Storage temperature: -40 to +70°C
  • Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
  • Pressure: 86 - 106kPa
Part Number
Product AC Mains DC Power
FC-GigE Media Converter 80-05-923
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2 Unit Rack mount Kit 80-05-256
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18 Unit Rack mount Kit 80-05-250
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Product variants with 12V to 24V DC operation are also available on request.

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