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Bringing the SLA

world to your desktop

Using Metrodata's
Ethernet Network Testers and Ethernet Demarcation Devices

Metrodata's managed Network Testers, EDD's and LAN extension devices offer simple to follow menu driven configuration pages, enabling:

  • Optimised configuration with the minimum of training
  • More efficient installation and commissioning of your network
  • You to take full advantage of the functionality available in our NetTESTER's and EDD's
  • Savings in both time and money
  • Alerts and flags to tell you what's happening and who to call to get it fixed
  • An SLA for your service, which is then tested and monitored against, configured in a few easy screens (available on NetTESTER and EDD's)
  • Example of how easy it is to configure an SLA test

Using Metrodata's NetTESTER Ethernet Testers, you are able to:

  • Reduce time in fault identification / trouble shooting costs by alarming the fault condition on unit
  • Reduce time in fault identification / trouble shooting costs by alarming the fault condition via 3rd party reporting system
  • Receive indications showing where the fault condition physically is [using CFM] thus reducing fault identification / trouble shooting costs
  • Faster fault identifications which normally equals a faster fix reducing the amount of engineering resource needed and any penalties for failing to meet an SLA, thus saving money
  • In-Service Monitoring
  • Service Level Agreements
  • NetTESTER Embedded Ethernet Testers

Using Metrodata's NetTESTER Ethernet Tester you will be able to:

  • Identify that you have a fault by receiving an alert, thus saving time and money
  • Identify which part of the network the fault is in, so you can call the right person immediately again saving time and money
  • Identify exactly where that fault is physically located (if OTDR is used) reducing the mean time to repair
  • On Demand Network Testing
  • OTDR Testing

Fibre Conversion

Metrodata fibre modems offer extension of a wide range of legacy technologies such as such as serial, PDH and SDH over multimode or singlemode fibre, across short and long distances.

For example: extending legacy PBX's over campus fibre.

Fibre Converters


TDM Over IP is a technology solution created to protect the investment in assets such as PABX’s while allowing companies to take advantage of the potential cost saving available from using IP based backbone infrastructure, e.g. Carrier Ethernet WAN services.


Metrodata Products

The need to get value for money from existing assets drives the need for converting from one media to another and creates many possibilities.

What's New...

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Today's business applications make strong demands on Corporate network infrastructure. It's no longer sufficient to know simply the raw throughput of Wide-Area Network circuits between company locations...

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