PacketLINK: TDM over IP

TDM Over IP is a technology solution created to protect the investment in assets such as PABX’s while allowing companies to take advantage of the potential cost saving available from using IP based backbone infrastructure, e.g. Carrier Ethernet WAN services.

The use of an IP WAN infrastructure can deliver cost savings from either lower cost services available in the market or by the combination of voice and data over the same infrastructure removing the need for separate circuits for each service.

The key to this technology is its ability to provide a stable clock source to the connected CPE equipment while operating over an IP backbone, which is a traditionally unstable environment.

The best results are achieved from well managed IP/MPLS environments, where traffic management is engineered correctly.

PacketLINK PL1400 E1 TDM over IP Solution
PacketLINK PL1400 E1 TDM over IP Solution

The PacketLINK products are capable of supporting multiple simultaneous E1 links over a single IP/ MPLS backbone infrastructure, achieving significant savings over the traditional approach of using multiple E1 circuits.

The PacketLINK Family

Metrodata’s family of PacketLINK products currently consists of the PL1100, the PL1400 and the PL1820.

PacketLINK: PL1100
PL1100 TDM over IP

PacketLINK: PL1400
PL1400 TDM over IP

PacketLINK: PL1820
PL1820 TDM over IP

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