FCM10G05 Release

A long-established supplier of Advanced Ethernet Demarcation Devices, Metrodata supports Ethernet Service Providers globally with the MetroCONNECT range of Managed Customer Premises Equipment. The range offers extensive facilities for zero-touch configuration, multi-service multiplexing with traffic prioritisation and Policing, Circuit Activation Testing and In-Service performance monitoring, enabling Carriers to meet the increasingly exacting 'performance assurance' demands of customers for their critical business applications.

FCM10G05: End-to-End Management and Monitoring

The new FCM10G05 is no exception. Supporting a range of 1Gbps and 10Gbos LAN-side ports and flexible SFP+ 10Gbps Network connectivity, the FCM10G05 offers advanced functionality at a new low Industry benchmark price-point. Key features include:

  • Zero-touch initial configuration and rapid remote re-configuration for ease of deployment
  • Comprehensive layer-2 Control Protocol tunnelling, to ensure maximum transparency of Carrier infrastructure to customer applications.
  • Support for multiple applications with differentiated QoS via multi-level VLAN tagging with strong prioritisation and policing control
  • Multi-channel RFC2544 and ITU-T Y.1564 profile circuit testing, at Layer-2 and Layer-3, enabling multiple simultaneous Circuit Activation Tests, particularly useful in the case of multi-site networks fanned out from centralised 'fat-pipe' connected HQ or Service-farm locations.
  • Minimally invasive dynamic in-service performance monitoring via TWAMP (Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol), providing pro-active alarming in the event of performance degradation on any of the potentially numerous links from a central site.
Rear: FCM10G05

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