Return to Base Repair Process

RTB Repair Process:

  1. In the event of a Metrodata product being identified as faulty, Metrodata should be contacted with the product description, product serial number (found on the base of the product) and fault symptoms.
  2. The warranty status of the product will be checked to confirm if the repair is "Within Warranty" and free of charge, or "Outside of Warranty" in which case a repair quotation will be provided via Technical Support.
  3. Technical support will assess the problem and offer telephone support to rectify the issue. If a return is deemed necessary a Returns Material Authorisation (RMA) number will be provided which should be written on returning paperwork and the outer packaging.
  4. The faulty product should be returned to Metrodata (at customer cost) and a repair will be carried out within approximately 7 working days and then shipped back (at Metrodata cost) to the notified return address.
  5. Where products are returned, and no fault is found, Metrodata reserve the right to make a charge that will be a minimum fee of £50 per product, which will be dependant on the complexity of assessing the product.
  6. For "Within Warranty" repairs, where the fault is found to be beyond economical repair and deemed not to have been caused by a customer action, a replacement product of the same type will be returned.
  7. For "Outside of Warranty" repairs, where the fault is found to be beyond economical repair, no repair charge will be incurred, and a quotation will be provided for a replacement product.
  8. Repaired or replacement products will retain the remaining portion of the warranty period of the original product or have a minimum warranty period of 3 months if this is longer.

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