Standard Metrodata Product Warranty Policy

The terms and conditions of this warranty shall apply to the provision of warranty service by Metrodata Ltd.

If, within the applicable Warranty Period as set out in the Product Warranty Schedule below, ("the Warranty Period"), any of the Products proven to be defective by reason of faulty workmanship or materials, Metrodata Ltd undertakes, with reasonable promptness, to have the defective product (or any part /s thereof) repaired, or at their discretion replaced free of charge by them, subject to the following terms and conditions.

Metrodata’s Standard Warranty warrants that all products shall be free from any defect or damage for a period of 24 months from the date of shipment from Metrodata. Metrodata’s Standard 24 month Warranty can be extended to 36 or 60 months through an Extended Warranty contract purchase (contact Metrodata Sales for a quotation). Optical Transceivers are subject to a 5 years warranty period and cannot have this extended. Optical Transceivers should be returned to Metrodata in their original packaging.

  1. The product(s) shall have been used solely for its normal purpose and used and maintained in accordance with the product(s) operating instructions.
  2. This warranty only extends to the original purchase ("the Purchaser") who must obtain a Return Materials Authorisation Number (RMA), prior to returning the product(s) to Metrodata Ltd. Return of faulty equipment to Metrodata will be at the cost of the Purchaser but Metrodata will cover the returns costs to the Purchaser.
  3. Where products are returned and no fault is found Metrodata reserve the right to make a charge that will be a minimum fee of £50 per unit. Metrodata will waive this charge where the customer has made all reasonable efforts to identify and isolate the fault, and has logged the fault with Metrodata's help desk.
  4. After repair or replacement of the product(s), the warranty for the new or repaired product(s) shall be valid only for the non-expired period of the original warranty period. All parts and or product(s) replaced under this warranty certificate remain the property of Metrodata Ltd.
  5. The Warranty shall not apply to malfunction or damage resulting from accidents, which occur during transit, and/or handling. Product misuse, improper use, abuse, neglect or negligence by the purchaser or anybody else, use inconsistent with the technical and / or safety standards, malfunction or damage due to fire, earthquake, flood, lightning or any other external disaster, war or any other disturbance (revolution, riot, etc). Unforeseen accidents, wear and tear, or any other external factors beyond Metrodata Ltd's control, or to any Product installed, repaired, adjusted, rebuilt, modified, changed or converted by any person (including the Purchaser) other than Metrodata Ltd.
  6. If, at any time during the Warranty Period, any part/s of the Product are replaced with a part(s) not supplied or approved Metrodata Ltd or which are not of an objective quality safe or suitable for the Product or the Product has been dismantled or repaired by a person not authorized by Metrodata Ltd, the Purchaser shall not be entitled to any rights and or remedies under this warranty.
  7. The Purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty against Metrodata Ltd is for the repair (or at Metrodata Ltd's discretion the replacement) of the Product or any part(s) and no other remedy, including but not limited to, incidental or consequential damage or loss of whatsoever nature, shall be available to the Purchaser.
  8. Metrodata Ltd's decision on all matters relating to complaints shall be final and binding on the Purchaser.
  9. Metrodata Ltd does not give any warranty or guarantee whatsoever in respect of any product (or any part(s) thereof) which has not been manufactured or imported and distributed by Metrodata Ltd, and which has not been purchased from an authorized dealer, whether such products are branded with any trademarks similar to any trade mark belonging to or used by Metrodata Ltd.
  10. Metrodata Ltd does not make any representations or warranties, express or implied with respect to the Product(s), including without limitation any implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, except as expressly set forth herein. In no event shall Metrodata Ltd be liable to the user for any lost products or for special damages, indirect loss or any other damage.
  11. No authority has been given to any one whomsoever to vary the terms or conditions of this Warranty.
  12. No Warranty (whether given by Metrodata Ltd or any other person) other than this Standard Warranty Certificate shall be binding on Metrodata Ltd in relation to the Product(s).
  13. Metrodata operates a seven (7) day Dead on Arrivals (DOA) procedure, where, in the event of a DOA within seven days of shipment from Metrodata, a replacement will be issued from Metrodata's spares stock, depending upon the levels of such stock, within 8 working hours of a call being logged with the Technical Support department. Metrodata requires that the DOA be formally notified as such prior to a replacement being dispatched. Where product is not available Metrodata will make all reasonable efforts to either repair the product or supply a replacement as soon as it is practicable.
  14. If a product(s) is deemed to have a defect or damage within the appropriate 24 month period (or the purchased extended warranty period) then the customer should contact Metrodata Sales on +44 1784 744700 within normal UK local working hours (09:00 - 17:00) providing the product description, product serial number (found on the base of the product) and defect, damage or fault symptoms. (See Return to Base Repair Process)
  15. Metrodata Ltd offers a return to base repairs policy for products 'Out of Warranty' as defined by this Warranty Policy. Repair quotations can be obtained through our Technical Support Department, however it may be necessary to examine the equipment before a repair quotation can be supplied.
  16. The shipment of "Advanced Replacements" is a separate chargeable service which must be purchased at the same time as the product.

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