Metrodata Solution Briefs

NetTESTER Network Performance Assurance

The NetTESTER family of Network Performance Assurance products enables out-of-service testing and in-service background monitoring of your LAN and WAN connections. NetTESTER devices sit within your network and perform a background analysis of the performance of your network.

Carrier Ethernet Demarcation, Circuit Activation Testing & Performance Monitoring

Examines the challenges of provisioning and managing “high quality” end-to-end network connections, using cost-effective Ethernet Demarcation Devices to offer both comprehensive Circuit Activation Testing (to industry-standard profiles including RFC2544 and Y.1564) and ongoing in-service performance monitoring.

Ethernet Demarcation Devices with built-in OTDR support

Looks at Ethernet Demarcation Devices with built-in fibre fault detection using Optical Time-domain Reflectometry.

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