Metrodata Range Guides

The complete guide to the Metrodata product range.

The MetroWAVE product family comprises products for both CWDM and DWDM deployments. In all cases, the multiplexing and de-multiplexing functions are implemented entirely 'passive', i.e. optically, without using any conversions to and from electrical signalling. This means that MetroWAVE products are completely passive devices, offered at considerably lower cost than active devices performing similar functions, whilst having the additional benefits of being physically small, light in weight and having excellent physical reliability. MetroWAVE products are highly suitable for both Metro-area Carrier and Enterprise network applications.

Over the past few years, network-connected equipment has evolved to use, almost exclusively, 'pluggable' fibre transceivers rather than the historic fixed interfaces which were generally soldered directly onto circuit boards. This document provides an overview of the wide range of transceiver products available from Metrodata, together with their detailed characteristics.

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