Technical Bulletins

Metrodata Technical Bulletins for engineers to be able to carry out simple operations to their products.

Bulletin NumberTechnical Bulletin
12-24 Volt DC Supply Connectors
Metrodata Management Options
V.35 Loopback Plug specification for Metrodata DC3200
Metrodata DC3X00 PROM Change
X.21 Cross over cable
Metrodata AP 4000/8000 Range PSU Change
X.21 Test Loop Back Plug
AC PSU Replacement
-48 Volt DC Supply Connectors
HSSI Loop Back Plugs
Metrodata FM4850 Fuse Replacement
Metrodata DC2000 Loop-back Disable Modification
Metrodata DSU 2M Prom Change
Installing the LM1100 Card in Metrodata DSU Products

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