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Metrodata Technical Bulletins for engineers to be able to carry out simple operations to their products.
Bulletin NumberTechnical Bulletin
TB6Installing the LM1100 Card in Metrodata DSU Products
TB7Metrodata DSU 2M Prom Change
TB8Metrodata DC2000 Loop-back Disable Modification
TB9Metrodata FM4850 Fuse Replacement
TB10HSSI Loop Back Plugs
TB11-48 Volt DC Supply Connectors
TB12AC PSU Replacement
TB13X.21 Test Loop Back Plug
TB14Metrodata AP 4000/8000 Range PSU Change
TB15X.21 Cross over cable
TB16Metrodata DC3X00 PROM Change
TB18V.35 Loopback Plug specification for Metrodata DC3200
TB19Metrodata Management Options
TB2012-24 Volt DC Supply Connectors