Front: DC2000
DC2000 RJ45 E1 G703 to EIA530
DC2000 BNC E1 G703 to EIA530
DC2000 RJ45 E1 G703 to X.21
DC2000 BNC E1 G703 to V.35

E1 G.703 to EIA-530, X.21 or V.35

The DC2000 enables the connection of an E1 G.703 2 Mbps leased line to DTE equipment such as a router presenting an EIA-530, V.35 or X.21 interface.

Please Note:

The DC2000 has been superceded by a family of newer, smaller units which offer similar functionality, and are also rack mountable.

For EIA530 a conversion cable is required for use with the following products:

  • Cost effective E1 G.703 2.048 Mbps interface
  • EIA530, V.35 or X.21 port for router connection
  • Diagnostics give peace of mind
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Integral power supply (110/220-250V AC switchable or -48V DC versions)
  • External alarm relay port
  • Compact modem style unit, built to European standards
DC2000 Application Diagram
DC2000 Application Diagram

Data is carried on the E1 line as unstructured payload. In addition to providing very cost-effective interfacing, the DC2000 provides a test and troubleshooting facility with Remote loop and Local loop test functions as well as a Remotely activated loop test which often eliminates the need for an engineer to visit a remote site for diagnosis of problems.

LEDs on the units front fascia panel provide information on the DC2000's operational and test status.

AC mains supply is switchable on the rear panel between 240 VAC and 110 VAC. DC models are also available for a supply voltage of -48VDC.

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