Front FM4200: Fractional E1 to E1 + X.21/V.35 Multiplexer
Rear FM4200: Fractional E1 to E1 + X.21/V.35 Multiplexer

Fractional E1 G.703/G.704 to E1 + X.21/V.35 Multiplexer

The Metrodata FM4200 DSU is used as a drop/insert multiplexer to merge voice and data applications onto a single E1 2.048Mbps link.

E1 X.21/V.35 Multiplexer

  • Share a single E1 Leased Line for Both Voice and Data Services
  • High Spec E1 G.703/G.704 2.048 Mbps TDM Multiplexing
  • E1 Drop port and Nx64kbps Data port (either X.21 or V.35)
  • External Alarm relay port
  • Local management port for configuration and diagnostics
  • Remote configuration and testing of units across the network
  • Comprehensive performance monitoring of both device and line
  • Built to European standards
  • Optional remote management using SNMP and Telnet
  • Optional -48 volt DC supply
FM4200: E1 Voice & Data Multiplexer
FM4200: E1 Voice & Data Multiplexer

The FM4200 offers conversion between an X.21 or V.35 serial interface and an E1 line interface with BNC or RJ45 connector options. An E1 drop port is also supported for connection to a PBX or E1 router, or alternatively cascading onto another FM4200 unit.

Fractional operation allows a number of 64kbps timeslots to be active, up to a maximum of 31 timeslots for a single E1 line. If timeslot 16 is bypassed, then a maximum of 30 timeslots (channels) can be accommodated between the 2 user ports.

The FM4200 has several LEDs for displaying current status, plus comprehensive configuration and diagnostics via a menu driven user interface.

It is possible to connect the FM4200 to EIA-530 or RS-449 equipment using conversion cables.

Using a dedicated management timeslot pairs of FM4200 units can communicate with each other, allowing configuration and status checking of the remote unit.

The optional Metrodata LM1100 SNMP enabler permits remote management via either Telnet or SNMP.

Router Applications

FM4200 converging voice and data applications across an E1 2Mbps G.703/G.704 leased line
FM4200 converging voice and data applications across an E1 2Mbps G.703/G.704 leased line

This application shows a pair of FM4200 units connecting together 2 sites with multiple independent applications via an E1 G.703 2.048Mbps leased line, such as a BT Megastream-2 service. X.21 serial ports are often the most cost effective WAN port available on routers and other equipment such as video conferencing equipment, whilst PBXs have Fractional E1 G.704 interfaces. The FM4200 multiplexes these different voice and data information streams together onto a single E1 circuit, and then demultiplexes them back out again at the remote site.

FM4200 to converge sub-rate services
FM4200 being used to converge sub rate Nx64kbps services onto a single E1 2Mbps G.703 leased line

This application shows an FM4200 unit connecting multiple Nx64kbps sub rate services over a single E1 2Mbps G.703/G.704 leased line. In this way two sites in close proximity can be connected together via a cheaper leased line and share the cost of a single longer distance leased line thereby enabling considerable savings. Multiple FM4200 units can be cascaded in this application through connection via the E1 drop port.

FM4200 remote management using LM1100 and datalink
LM1100 SNMP Enabler used with Management Data link to manage a pair of FM4200 units

This application show a remote network management centre controlling the head office FM4200 via an LM1100 SNMP Enabler card allowing comprehensive management access including the full range of configuration changes, diagnostics and status analysis using either SNMP or Telnet, including SNMP traps. In this application a remote management data link has also been enabled to the remote FM4200 unit, allowing remote SNMP and Telnet access into this unit.

E1 Line Interface
Port G.703, 75ohm unbalanced or 120 ohm balanced
Interface BNC (75ohm) or RJ45 (120ohm)
Framing G.704 (with or without CRC4)
Line Coding HDB3
Bit rate 2.048Mbps +/- 50ppm
Barrier Fully compliant as per EN41003
Cable Lengths BNC: RG59 = 600m, UR202 = 750m
RJ45: Belden 8132 = 175m, Belden 9841 = 300m
DTE Interface
Port X.21 or V.35
Interface X.21: ISO4903 15 way female D-type
V.35: ISO2593 34 way M-rack
Bite Rate Nx64kbps (N = 1 to 31)
Configuration & Management
Type Menu Driven
Access System console, Telnet, SNMP
Interface V.24, Ethernet 10 BaseT via RJ45
Security Access by 2-level password
System Non volatile configuration
Line E1 Timing Internal, Loop, Through, Terminal Timing (CCITT cct 113), DTE mode (CCITT cct 113)
Status LEDs & Diagnostic Functions
Loop backs Local loop, Remote loop
Statistics Per G.821, 15 min, 24 hour totals
Major Alarm LEDs LOS, LOF, SQ (per E1 port)
Minor Alarm LEDs AIS, RAI (per E1 port)
Data LEDs DTE Tx Data, DTE Rx Data, DTE Fault (X.21/V.35 port)
Test LED Test in progress LED, test configured via diagnostics menu
Power Supply
AC Mains 100 - 250 VAC, 50 - 400Hz, 50mA IEC connector
-48VDC -36 to -72 VDC, 200 - 100mA
Type 1.5U 19 inch Rack mount
Dimensions 435 x 213 x 65mm (W x D x H)
Temp 0 - 50 deg C
Humidity 95% RH, non condensing
Pressure 86 - 106 KPA
Compliance & Approvals
Performance G.703, G.704, G.706, G.823
BNC Version OTR.001 2DS, BABT#NS/4043/I/P/604060
RJ45 Version CTR12, CTR13, BABT#606272
Safety EN41003, EN60950
Statistics G.821, AT&T54016: 15 min, 24 hour totals
Management RFC1213 (MIB2), RFC1495 (Telnet), RFC1157 (SNMP), RFC1406 (DS1/E1)
MetroDTE MIB (X.21/V.35), RFC1215 (Traps)
Part Number
Product AC Mains DC Power
E1 BNC to X.21 80-05-301
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E1 BNC to V.35 80-05-302
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E1 RJ45 to X.21 80-05-303
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E1 RJ45 to V.35 80-05-304
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LM1100 SNMP Enabler 14-02-139
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