New: 1Gb Managed Ethernet Media Converter

As a long-established supplier of Advanced Ethernet Demarcation Devices, Metrodata's MetroCONNECT family is used by Carriers globally as Managed Customer Premises Equipment. The range supports extensive features for multi-service multiplexing, traffic Prioritisation & Policing, Circuit Activation Testing and In-service performance monitoring, for today's exacting customer applications.

FCM5000: Ethernet over Fibre

We're rightly proud of the cost-effectiveness of our MetroCONNECT solutions for Ethernet services of up to 10Gbps, which use our custom 'MetroSAM' (Service Assurance Module) hardware for wire-speed test traffic generation, loop-back and detailed traffic analysis. Nevertheless, we have seen market demnd for a fully Manageable product, featuring Copper-Copper or Copper-Fibre Ethernet connectivity, at up to 1Gbps, with a reduced feature-set, at a new market-leading price point.

FCM5000: Ethernet Media Converter - Rear
FCM5000: Ethernet Media Converter - Front

We're pleased to announce the introduction of our FCM5000  Managed Ethernet Connectivity product. As a flexible Managed Ethernet Media Converter, the FCM5000 supports configuration and management via local Terminal, Telnet/SSH, Web Browser and SNMP. The product also has a number of attributes, including 'dying gasp' power-fail alarming and VLAN support, traffic prioritization and differential service bandwidth limitation, allowing very effective use as an entry-level Carrier demarcation device.

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