Zero Touch Provisioning

With the growing complexity of Carrier networks, configuring and installing Ethernet Demarcation Devices (EDDs) can be very daunting. The wide variety of service attributes and Management options can make configuring a demarcation device costly and time consuming. Issues can arise from input error and mis-configuration that can delay service activation.

The Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) process minimises both on-site installation time and the Engineering skills required. This auto-provisioning process reduces on-site installation to a 'plug and play' exercise, simple enough for the end user to perform themselves, i.e. simply checking that the Ethernet LEDs indicate correct physical connectivity.

Once physically connected to the WAN service, the EDD is auto-discovered by the Service Provider's Network Management Console or SDN Orchestration Server, which initiates a download to the device of a pre-prepared configuration reflecting the customer's service requirements. The EDD then re-initiates, using the downloaded configuration, to complete service provisioning and registers as a new manageable entity to the Network Management Console, ready to respond to requests for Circuit Activation Testing and the generation of reporting which may be required for 'birth certificate' service compliance documentation relating to the customer's new data link.

All MetroCONNECT family family Ethernet Demarcation Devices include support for Zero Touch Provisioning, providing the following benefits:

  • Quick and easy service activation
  • Elimination of costs associated with on-site manual configuration of Demarcation equipment
  • Little or no expertise required for installation at the customer site
  • Facilitates off-line centralised configuration based on pre-prepared templates for a particular customer and/or service type.
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