MetroWAVE: Passive DWDM Multiplexers

The MetroWAVE product range performs CWDM and DWDM multiplexing and demultiplexing functions passively, i.e. directly optically without using any optical-electrical-optical conversions or repeater functions. This is now the most economic approach to CWDM and DWDM multiplexing due to the widespread availability of cost effective long range vendor compatible CWDM and DWDM fibre transceivers. The unpowered, fixed mechanical nature of these MetroWAVE products offers greater robustness and higher levels of reliability than active devices offering similar functionality.

MetroWAVE D8 DWDM Multiplexer

MetroWAVE DWDM Multiplexers support the following:

  • Optical multiplexing of up to 40 separate services via individual wavelengths
  • Voice, data, telemetry and CCTV can all be supported
  • Any port can operate up to 10Gbps
  • Simple 'plug & play' Connectivity to converge complex applications
  • Long distance DWDM transceivers available
  • Unpowered passive devices for highest possible reliability
  • DWDM Mux / Demux devices can be used individually, or 'cascade connected' from CWDM ports of the MetroWAVE-9S CWDM Mux / Demux platform, facilitating an excellent optional expansion path for that product.

MetroWAVE Product Family Range:

DWDM Product Range

The MetroWAVE-D8-25 and MetroWAVE-D8-51 operate in the 100GHz DWDM C-band (ch25-ch32 and ch51-ch58 respectively). The combined uplinks operate within CWDM channels 1550nm and 1530nm respectively, facilitating optional cascade connectivity from the corresponding ports of the MetroWAVE-9S CWDM Mux/Demux, providing an excellent 'expansion' option for that product.

MetroWAVE-D8 DWDM Multiplexer Product Page

The MetroWAVE-D16 operates in the 100GHz DWDM C-band (ch25-ch40). The combined uplink operates within CWDM channel 1550nm, also facilitating optional cascade/expansion from the corresponding (1550nm) port of the MetroWAVE-9S CWDM Mux/Demux platform. In fact, since the 1550nm port of the MetroWAVE-9S is tuned to provide the lowest insertion loss of all the CWDM ports of that device, it ideally patched to provide maximum expansion via the MetroWAVE-D16 as an 'add-on'. Alternatively the MetroWAVE-D16, just like the other DWDM platforms, can be used as a stand-alone DWDM device.

MetroWAVE-D16 DWDM Multiplexer Product Page

Finally, the MetroWAVE-D40P, also operating in the 100GHz DWDM C-band (ch21-ch60), offers a very cost-effective approach to high-density, 40-channel DWDM provision. Whilst also being a completely passive DWDM platform in the sense of Optical transmission, this product does feature hot-swappable dual-redundant PSUs, the purpose of which is to enable constant temperature control within the unit, in order to ensure signal stability and reliable operation across all 40 channels.

MetroWAVE-D40P DWDM Multiplexer Product Page

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