WC V.35: Ethernet over V.35 Extender

WC V.35: Ethernet over V.35 Extender

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WC V.35 Ethernet extender offers a simple "plug and play" method to extend a LAN connection between multiple sites.

The integrated 4-port LAN switch supports local switching, thereby removing the need for external switches or hubs in smaller LAN installations.

Front: WCV35Front: WCV35

Ethernet Extender over Serial V35 leased lines

Please Note:

The WC V35 product has now been superceded by the much more flexible and fully manageable MetroCONNECT WCM-Serial product which offers advanced functionality at a cost-effective price point. The WC V35 is no longer available.

WAN-in-a-Can Overview Diagram

WAN-in-a-Can : the "plug and play" way to connect LANs together over the WAN

  • Must be used in pairs
  • Feature rich LAN extender over V35 leased lines
  • Quad port Ethernet switch on subscriber side, with wire speed local switching
  • 4 Auto-negotiating subscriber 10/100 BaseT ports, with auto MDI/MDIX switching
  • Wire speed filtering of local packets
  • Efficient HDLC encapsulation on WAN port
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Integral auto-sensing power supply (100-250V AC or -40V DC versions)
  • 12-24V DC power supply available on request
  • Compact modem style unit, built to European standards
  • Rack mounting kits for 2 or 18 units available
  • Can also be used to offer asymmetric Ethernet services via V35 satellite modems
  • Higher specification MetroCONNECT managed LAN extenders are also available

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Connecting two LANs together using a V35 leased line

LAN extension over V.35

This application shows two LANs connected together using a V35 leased line. As a plug and play Ethernet switching device the WC V35 is a straight forward and cost effective alternative to the use of routers in small and medium sized networks.

Delivering an asymmetric Ethernet service via a V35 satellite modem

LAN extension over V.35 satellite link

This application shows an Ethernet service delivered via a V35 satellite modem. In this application the WC V35 supports local switching, wire speed filtering and asymmetric data rates up to 20Mbps with an absolute minimum of overhead. This application requires another WC V35 unit at the other end of the satellite link.

Full wire speed switching and filtering between the 10/100 BaseT LAN ports is supported so that only packets destined for the remote site are forwarded over the V35 leased line.

In most installations the WC V35 requires no configuration, and is therefore truly "plug and play". The subscriber ports perform auto-negotiation and support both 10M and 100M operation in full duplex (FD) or half duplex (HD) modes. Manual selection of 100M FD operation enables connection to fixed router ports. Cabling issues are minimised through the use of automatic MDI/MDIX selection on these ports.

The highly efficient HDLC encapsulation of packets ensures that maximum throughput is achieved on the WAN link. Internal packet buffering enables each WC V35 to smooth out bursty traffic without packet loss.

The serial port operates in DTE mode, and requires the attached DCE (e.g. leased line NTU) to supply timing.

The WC V35 can also support asymmetric operation with a V35 satellite modem.

The WC V.35 supports a maximum packet size (MTU) of 1536 bytes which is sufficient to transport double VLAN tagged frames (Q-in-Q).

The WC V35 can easily be rack mounted in either a 1U two unit rack mount kit, in a 6U eighteen unit rack mount kit or are available in a 1U quad box (1U rack mountable unit containing 4 x WC V35 units).

Subscriber Port
No. of Ports 4
Presentation 10/100 Base TX, RJ45, Auto-MDI/MDI-X
LED Support Link / Activity & Speed
Operating Mode Auto-negotiate for 10/100, Full or Half Duplex
Port Filtering Rate 148810 packets/second
Port Switching Rate 148810 packets/second
Switch Mode Any to any
MAC Address Table 4096 entries
Packet Size 64 bytes minimum
1536 bytes maximum (older versions support 1522 bytes maximum for auto negotiation mode and 1536 bytes for fixed 100M FD mode)

WAN Port Specs
Mode Serial
Presentation 34 way female M rack
Line Rate 20Mbps (max)
Frame Mode Unframed
Timing DCE Supplied
Encapsulation HDLC
Max Packet Rate 38462 at 20Mbps
LEDs Tx/Rx Packet
Alarms None
Diagnostics None

Type Modem, 1U high without feet, IP30C

Dimensions W x D x H mm
Rack mount 202 x 132 x 44 (without feet)
Desktop 202 x 132 x 48 (with feet)

Temp 0 - 50 deg C
Humidity 95% RH, non-condensing
Pressure 86 - 106 KPA

Power Supply
AC Mains 100-250VAC, 50-60Hz, 60-24mA IEC Connector
-40VDC -40 to -72VDC, 200-100mA
Order Code
AC Mains: 100 - 250 VAC DC Power: -40 VDC
WC V35 80-05-546 80-21-546
2 Unit Rack mount Kit 80-05-256 80-05-256
18 Unit Rack mount Kit 80-05-250 80-05-255
Quad WC V35 80-405-546 80-421-546

Product variants with 12V to 24V DC operation are also available on request.

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