Front: FCM9003 Ethernet Access Device
Rear: FCM9003 Ethernet Access Device

Ethernet Access Device

The FCM9003 is a powerful & versatile Ethernet Access Device offering copper & fibre demarcation for Carrier Ethernet Service Providers.

Managed Ethernet Access Device for Ethernet Services

  • Up to 1Gbps with both Copper & Fibre LAN and Network Ports
  • Zero Touch Provisioning fully automated discovery, installation and testing process
  • 802.3ah & 802.1ag OAM service integrity checking EFM, CFM
  • Unique MetroSAM (Service Assurance Module) hardware for wirespeed Service Level Agreement (SLA) measurement & verification
  • Y.1731 and 'TWAMP' support for in-service Layer-2 (Ethernet) and Layer-3 (IP) traffic Latency and Jitter performance monitoring & alarming
  • Integrated RFC2544 and Y.1564 test traffic generation, loop back and reporting, for both Layer-2 (Ethernet MAC) and Layer-3 (IP) traffic
  • Service delay and delay variation measurements performed both during commissioning and in-service
  • Support for Performance-Assured Ethernet (PAE) Services
  • Customer VLAN and Q-in-Q support for service differentiation
  • Supports automated OTDR based fault detection
  • Link Loss Forwarding, L2CP tunnelling & Jumbo Frame Support (10kb)
  • Compact unit with robust metal housing and integral power supply
  • Auto-sensing power supply (100-250V AC or -48V DC versions), 12-24V DC on request
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
FCM9003 Ethernet Access Device: End-to-End Management and Monitoring
FCM9003: Ethernet Access Device solution

FCM9003 Overview

The FCM9003 offers a sophisticated ethernet demarcation solution for Ethernet Service Providers, with flexible interface options. Measurement of the key parameters: delay and delay variation, is performed to ensure that the service is suitable for real time applications such as VoIP. These measurements can also be performed in-service against programmable thresholds to prove that the service continues to operate effectively over the longer term. This proactive fault detection assists in the rapid isolation of potential service problems resulting in high service levels whilst reducing operational costs (OPEX) and being able to offer Service Level Agreements to customers.

Zero Touch Provisioning

The FCM9003 supports Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), minimising both on-site installation time and the Engineering skills required. This auto-provisioning process reduces on-site installation to a plug and play exercise, simple enough for the end user to perform themselves, i.e. simply checking that the Ethernet LEDs indicate correct physical connectivity. The ethernet access device auto-discovers its management connection, IP address and TFTP server, then downloads its individual service definition parameters and management system contact details. The ethernet access device then measures the delay of the service to micro-second resolution to prove that the service has been provisioned appropriately for real time applications. The ethernet access device then auto-provisions itself and sends a service availability certificate to the NOC for inclusion into the Service Provider’s provisioning documentation. Subsequent in-service delay verification measurements then continue to check that service level agreements are being maintained and notify of any drop in performance below a set of programmable thresholds.

Testing and Monitoring

Should the ethernet access device suffer a loss of power then a Dying Gasp 802.3ah message and Trap are sent to provide immediate notification of the reason for service loss. This functionality along with the commissioning process followed up with in-service continuity checking and delay monitoring combine to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Ethernet Service Provision.

FCM9003 Power Configurations

The FCM9003 is available in a choice of 100-250 VAC or -48 VDC integrated power supplies, although a 12V-24V DC version is also available on request.

FCM9003 Rackmounting

The FCM9003 can easily be rack mounted in either a 1U two unit rack mount kit, a 6U eighteen unit rackmount kit.

Please contact Metrodata for price and availability of SFP modules including standard 1310nm singlemode as well as long haul, 1550nm, bi-directional and CWDM.

Core to Edge Network
Core to Edge Networks

The FCM9003 can be deployed wherever managed service ethernet demarcation is required at the customer site. The FCM9003 supports standards compliant OAM (including: 802.1ag, Y.1731) functions and offers both management visibility and end-end service performance measurements right up to the customer site demarcation point. Both copper and fibre (SFP) network connections are offered.

Site to Site & Meshed Networks
Site to Site & Meshed Networks

The FCM9003 can be used for the service ethernet demarcation of a wide variety of Carrier Ethernet services, including E-Line, E-Tree and E-LAN. Multiple traffic types and flows can be supported with service separation achieved using VLANs and prioritisation used to ensure that mixed traffic flows are handled appropriately. Continuous monitoring of service continuity and transmission delays underpin service integrity with the pro-active reporting of any significant service variations.

Wholes Infrastructure & Multi-Carrier
Wholesale Infrastructure & Multi-Carrier Deployments

The majority of Ethernet Service Providers today are in fact Aggregators, offering end-to-end connections supplied on a wholesale basis, potentially sourced from a number of different Infrastructure Carriers. It is important for the Aggregator to ensure that their end-to-end service, right into the customer premises, has an acceptable delay profile for real time applications. In these deployments the FCM9003 can perform the necessary measurements whilst monitoring for any changes in performance levels below pre-defined thresholds.

The FCM9003 has sophisticated and flexible Layer 2 Control Protocol policy management supporting either the filtering or pass-through of a wide variety of packet types including vendor proprietary L2CP frames. The FCM9003 supports auto MDI/MDIX cross-over switching on the copper interfaces, auto-negotiation and the transmission of 10k byte Jumbo frames. To ensure quick fault detection, the FCM9003 supports Link Loss Forwarding, whereby a network fault can automatically force a link down on the user ports to indicate to the attached devices that there is a link problem.

Network Interfaces
100BaseFX/1000BaseX (SFP) 1
VLAN Support
4096 VLANs
IEEE 802.1Q customer-tagged
Stacked VLANs (Q-in-Q service provider-tagged)
IEEE 802.1ad Provider Bridging (s-tag)
16 EVCs supported
Tag Management: 1-tag (push/pop) for c-tag & s-tag
Traffic Management & Service Classification
"Inherited" DSCP QOS
Per flow policing and colour marking against:
Committed Information Rate (CIR)
Constant Bit Rate (CBS)
Excess Information Rate (EIR)
Excess Burst Size (EBS)
Ethernet OAM
IEEE 802.3ah Link OAM (EFM)
IEEE 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management (CFM)
Service Level Agreement Measurement and Verification
TWAMP in-service monitoring
Sophisticated SLA test generator
Analyser accurate to micro-second resolution
ITU-T Y.1564
RFC2544 commissioning testing
Port & service-level loop back with Layer-2 and Layer-3 address swapping
Link Loss Forwarding to signal network path failures
Fault & Performance Monitoring
Frame loss, delay & delay variation monitoring, via Y.1731 and TWAMP
Statistics gathered on a per-port & per-service basis
Support for MEF SOAM-FM and SOAM-PM MIB objects for to Performance Assured Ethernet
SFP DDM support for fibre optic monitoring including OTDR
Automated Configuration & Provisioning
Zero Touch Provisioning from centralized or remote infrastructure
Management connection and layer-3 discovery process
EDD downloads individually tailored service definitions
User defined test scripts control SLA verification
Birth certificate evidence sent to NOC automatically
Self-provisioning by EDD once tests complete
Automated configuration of in-service measurements against programmable thresholds
Local Management
Local craft port (9-way D) which can be disabled
Local LAN port (RJ45) using CLI, SNMP & Web GUI interfaces
Remote Management
Maintains in-band VLAN & MAC-based management tunnels
Telnet, SSH (v2), TACACS+, SNMP, Web Browser
System Administration
Configuration database backup & restore
System software upgrade via TFTP
Layer 2 Control Protocol policy management
Per-flow filtering or tunnelling of L2CP and other protocols, e.g. RSTP
Alarms & Resilience
SNMP Trap notification of EDD status including service availability, LAN disconnect warning & user-defined SLA thresholds exceeded
Dying Gasp OAM message and SNMP Trap in response to power loss
Regulatory & Standards Compliance
IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)
802.1p (Priority, 4 queues)
802.3ah (EFM)
802.1ag (CFM)
ITU-T Y.1731
Safety: EN60950, EMC EN55032, EN55024
Physical & Environmental
Dimensions (w x d x h)202 x 132 x 44mm
Operating temperature0 to +50°C
Storage temperature-40 to +70°C
HumidityUp to 95% non-condensing
Maximum power consumption10 Watts
Order Code
Product AC Mains DC Power
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2 unit rack mount kit 80-05-256
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18 unit rack mount kit80-05-250
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Product variants with 12V to 24V DC operation are also available on request.

If you require further information on the FCM9003 please contact our sales team with your requirements.

Commonly used SFP transceivers Order Code Description
10Gbps Multimode 550m 300nm 80-38-011
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Multimode interface
fibre optic loss budget 5.1dB
10Gbps Singlemode 10km 1300nm 80-38-031
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Singlemode interface
fibre optic loss budget 6.3dB
1Gbps Multimode 550m 850nm 80-31-011
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Multimode interface
fibre optic loss budget 7.5dB
1Gbps Singlemode 10km 1300nm 80-31-031
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Singlemode interface
fibre optic loss budget 12dB
1Gbps Singlemode 80km 1550nm 80-31-042
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Singlemode interface
fibre optic loss budget 24dB
100Mbps Multimode 2km 1300nm80-30-021
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Multimode interface
fibre optic loss budget 12dB
100Mbps Singlemode 10km 1300nm80-30-031
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Singlemode interface
fibre optic loss budget 17dB

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Many other transceivers are available on request including long haul, 1550nm, CWDM, DWDM and bi-directional.

Whilst the MetroCONNECT product range uses industry standard user exchangeable SFP and SFP+ transceivers, it is recommended that these are purchased from Metrodata to guarantee their specification and compatibility with each other.

If you require another transceiver please contact our sales team with your requirements.

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